GH's Favorite Moms, The Annual List
Mixing-Family-and Business Moms (May 2001, Good Housekeeping Magazine)
Socorro Alejandro, 67 co-owner, Papemelroti, mother to Patricia, Peggy, Meldy, Robert and Tina

Why She's A GH Favorite:   You'd have to see the handmade country charm of Papemelroti products to realize why such an unwieldy name has become a household word in home knickknacks.  An architectural graduate, Socorro put up a gift shop in 1969.  Called KorBen, it was named after her and her husband Benny, and based right in their Quezon city apartment.   When she had done attending to customer on the first floor, she'd go up to the second floor to look after her children.  They set up shop in Ali Mall in 1976.   This one they named Papemelroti, after the first syllable of all five of their children's names.  During summer vacations, the kids would attend to the shop or actually make the crafts for sale.  "That's probably why all my children are artists," she says.

How She Does It: "My priority has always been my family more than the store.  It was just a hobby that fortunately grew.  I always made sure my children were with me."

Business And Principles: Socorro is an active member of the Christian organization Women for Christ, and tries to have all their products "reflect values and themes which are important to the Alejandro family.  These include commitment to and love of God, family, home, country and the environment."



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