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Hope never fails us

The times we live in are uncertain but so were the days when Jesus was born.  Bethlehem was a place subdued by Greeks, Romans and Muslims at different points in its history and was at that time under the rule of Herod, a man known for his brutality.
Generally, people led very simple lives and lived under the shadow of their rulers.  They were hoping for a saviour who would release them from poverty and oppression.
Who would have known that the saviour they were looking for would come in the form of a helpless baby and that the gift he brought was not only for them but for all generations to come?
Today, as we rise to the challenges of a world in crisis, let us remember the eternal hope that is ever before us, and how it comes to us in ways the world does not recognize.  It often comes as a still, small voice reassuring us that we have a God who holds all things in His hands.   Let us hope and rejoice that our Saviour lives not just in the past, but is with us as we face today and tomorrow!
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.      ~Romans 15:13 

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See our woven paper doves hanging in our branches?  Here's a video that will show you how to make it for your own decorative purposes! 
This is a paper craft handed down from generation to generation in some Philippine families. It's usually made out of banana leaves. Oftentimes the weaving method featured is used for boiling rice, natively called "puso". Click here to view 

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Once the "ber" months roll in, we sometimes feel a rising panic at the thought of all the preparations, shopping, parties, traffic and crowds that come with the season.  It would be helpful to plan to have the most memorable Christmas ever without spending or stressing much!
1. This time is for family!  Get out your calendar and block out the days you want to spend with your family.  Stick to it strictly even if you get invited to last minute parties or get tempted to work overtime just to impress the boss.
2. When spending quality time with your loved ones, don't just spend time watching a telenovela or movie but as much as possible, have an interactive activity such as playing cards or board games or better yet telling stories of the blessings of the past year!
3. Have a time for peace and quiet.  Amidst the hustle and bustle of the season, recharge by going by yourself to some place conducive to pleasant thoughts.  Thank God for another year of life and meditate on how He wants you to approach the new year.  Read Jeremiah 29:11 and pray for all your plans to be led by God's Spirit!
4. Serve the most impoverished in your neighborhood.  Jesus, whose birth we celebrate said "whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." (Matthew 25:40).  How delighted He would be as we give this gift!  Aspire to give hope to those who have lost theirs by acts of selfless deeds of kindness.
5. Dress the house up in lights!  This year, instead of the old Christmas decor, make your own!  Cut out easy to do snowflakes (see this video) or make paper doves (below) and put Christmas lights on them to add sparkle to your home!
6. Celebrate the Advent Season with special traditions!  Make an advent wreathe (click here to know how) or make a Countdown Calendar!  The calendar can be filled with daily activities you can offer to God as your gifts for His coming!  Example of things you may offer to Him is to serve your parents one day and say an encouraging word to someone sad on another day. 
7. Try a new recipe and cook it together with family and friends!  This is quality time you will remember for years to come and the best reward is the afterward tasting session!
8. Gather friends and family for a memorable video!  Write down interview questions for your oldest relatives to preserve these precious stories for generations to come.  Gather the children for their own presentation.  On Christmas eve, watching this video can be your reunion activity.
9. Sing Christmas carols around a bonfire until you run out of songs to sing! 
10. Read the Christmas story to your children and if you would like their imagination and creativity to flourish, act it out in a play and let them participate.
11. Here's an easy way to make a Christmas like no other.  Instead of putting the gifts under the tree, why not hide them and make a map for the recipients to find it.
12. Bless your whole family with a retreat.  Join church-based events or make your own.  You can also integrate a time to be spiritually recharged during your family reunion by having the family, including little children, write down blessings they've received and collecting this in a yearly scrapbook for all to cherish!



Backpack Book Now Available

See nine countries on a budget of only P50,000 for 10 weeks, inclusive of airfare, food, accommodations, land travel and museum fees. Sounds impossible?
The Travel Club, the country’s preferred one-stop travel shop, says it is possible as it launches The Sketching Backpacker, a breakthrough travel book about backpacking, written by freelance graphic designer/Papemelroti artist/ TV reporter and true-blue backpacker, Robert Alejandro.  Printed on recycled paper, The Sketching Backpacker chronicles Alejandro’s 10-week backpack adventures around Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Macau, Hong Kong and the Philippines.  Read more
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