New Products + Papemelroti Updates

- A bidding for at least 12 portraits were made recently for the benefit of Typhoon Yolanda survivors.  Robert was featured on ANC and PTV4 talking about the project. SEE VIDEOS

- Congratulations to Melissa Solito for winning the Bethlehem Nativity Set! She said "Oh wow!! My kids will be thrilled with this set!! Thank you, thank you so much Papemelroti! You've been a part of my life since high school, and I can't wait to share your stuff with my daughters! Proudly Pinoy made, Christ-centered, eco-friendly and oh-so affordable ~ your products and company = so much win!" 

Resellers Corner: Making a Good Impression

The old saying still holds true "People don't care how much your know until they know how much you care." (John Maxwell).  Right off the bat, people will know if your business is just aiming to make a buck or make a difference.  Let's make an analogy with business and a relationship because it's very much the same. READ MORE  (Resellers only, Password Protected Page)

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Books for Less Updates

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Schedules + Sale Dates
December 2013

Whole Month of December - Month of Overseas Filipinos

All Sundays - Kakaiba Ka more info

Dec 2 & 6 (Mon) - Pathways Choices, Quezon City more info

All Wednesdays - Pathways Smart, Makati more info

Dec 6 & 7 (Fri, Sat) - SM Trash to Cash, 8AM to 2PM, all SM supermalls more info

Dec 6 (Fri) - Ayala Recycling Fair, Gold Crest Carpark, Ayala Center more info

Dec 7 (Sat) - Heaven on Earth Conference on living a Revival Culture 1-6 PM, The Lighthouse Training and Worship Center, Free Admission more info

Dec 13 (Fri) - Ayala Recycling Fair, Glorietta 3 Parkway, Ayala Center more info














Dec 14 (Sat) - Join Ang Galing to tell stories to children at the North Cemetery (2 PM)
more info

Dec 14 (Sat) - Sponsor and teach a child from the Balubad Settlement Marikina on December 14. more info

Dec 15 (Sun) - Advent Ignatian Recollection and Mass with Fr. Bill Kreutz, 9-12nn, Loyola Campus more info

Dec 20 (Fri) - Ayala Recycling Fair, Alabang Town Center (parking lot in front of St. Jerome's Church, Alabang - Zapote Rd) more info

Dec 21(Sat) - Ayala Recycling Fair, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. Laguna more info

Dec 25 (Wed) - Merry Christmas!

Dec 30 (Mon) - Rizal Day

SALE!!! - First Week of January at Papemelroti's Main Branch

There is still much work to be done.  Let's keep moving forward to help the survivors.
Help give 5,000 Yolanda survivors in Metro Manila a job before Christmas!
Join Ang Galing on Dec. 14 to tell stories to children at the North Cemetery (2 PM).
Sponsor and teach a child from the Balubad Settlement Marikina on December 14.
Ortigas Library is accepting used books to replenish libraries ruined by Yolanda.
Fill an urgent need of children's items for the victims of typhoon Yolanda.