#21-114BAB  Keepsake Prayer Box for a New Baby

An ideal group gift for a friends' baby shower - put your personal prayers or wishes for the new baby and place them in here.  Box is made of recycled pinewood.  Banner space for personalizing.  Already includes 4 sample prayers inside (printed on recycled paper).

Words: The gift of life from God to you - Was dearly and lovingly given.  A new life fresh with talents and strengths, - God made in His workshop in heaven. - Within this simple wooden box - Prayers for baby abide...  To store, to read, to always keep - Deep in the heart and mind.  May all these prayer herein come true always - Thru the passage of time, - As angels watch over every step, - While with family and friends joy find."

Size 2.25 height x 6 x 3 inches
Weight 140g

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