Kraft Paper Bags


#7133-125 Set forth with joy in your heart and follow the path of your dreams.  P29.75 / $0.85

#7133-130  A loving heart is the truest wisdom and other sayings   8.75"h x 6.75"l x 4"w, 45g,  P27 / $0.78

#96-123 Leaf Imprint Design of Kraft Gift Paper Bags, with thought-provoking quotations and messages - available in different sizes! 

P25 / $0.72 each

(other sizes and prices available).

#7133-156 Just for you in matching blue patchwork quilt design. 

This bag is perfect for our Half Pads(#8800)  Each comes with matching "you are special" tag. 

Size 7.75"h (including handle) x 3.25"l x 1 5/8"w, 15g

P16 / $0.46

see matching angel figurine


#7133-157 Blessings Joy Love in blue patchwork quilt design.  Each comes with matching "you are special" tag.  This bag is perfect for our Jute String Pads (#00)

Size 8"h (including handle) x 5.5"l x 1 3/16""w, 20g

P22 / $0.72


#7133 Kraft Paper Bags, 100% Recycled Paper
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