Giant Greeting Cards

Send someone special this extra large greeting card.  Great for a group send.  Made of eco-friendly 100% unbleached recycled paper.  Click on the images to enlarge.

All Around Greetings Giant Card philippines
   #9020-29 Greetings Giant Card
(With All Occasion Special Poem Inside)

birthday Giant Card
   #9020-28 Your Presence is a Gift to the World Giant Card
(With Special Person Poem Inside)

marriage Giant Card philippines
   #9020-27   Great Love Giant Card
(With Marriage Prayer Inside)

Birthday Giant Card
#9020-25 Happiest Birthday Ever Giant Card
see inside words (fill up the blanks type)

Happy birthday Giant Card
#9020-19 Wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday Giant Card
(Blank Inside)

feel better Giant Card
#9020-20 Feel Better Soon
Giant Card

(Blank Inside)

Mother Giant Card
#9020-21 Mother Like No Other Giant Card
see inside words

Father Dad Giant Card
#9020-22  World's Coolest Dad Giant Card
see inside words

giant card - love is patient
#9020-17 Love is Patient Anniversary
Wedding and Couple Giant Card
Inside: A Prayer for your Marriage
Bless this marriage, O God, as they begin their journey...
Sharing your special joy on this special day.

giant card - to my parents
#9020-18 To the Most Wonderful Parents in the World Giant Card
Inside: At all times my heart in gratitude lifts when I think of you both, His precious gifts...

giant card - queen of the day
#9020-10 Happy Birthday! You're the Queen of the Day Giant Card
Inside: On this very special day, we wish the best for you, all happiness and success in everything you do!

giant card - king of the day
#9020-11 Happy Birthday! You're the King of the Day Giant Card
Inside: On this very special day, we wish the best for you, all happiness and success in everything you do!

#9020-3 Appreciation Award Giant Card
Inside: Maraming Salamat, Danke schon, Merci Beaucoup, Grazie, Muchas Gracias, Thank You

giant card
#9020-12 Congratulations!
Inside: Those who do work hard, who persevere, are the kind
Of people with whom, Success is ne'er far behind....

#9020-4 Happy Birthday Giant Card
Inside: You're not growing older, you're growing wiser, cooler, better & more beautiful as the years go by!  Happy Birthday!

#9020-8 Birthday Girl Giant Card
Inside: happy birthday girl, it's your celebration day, know that you're so great, wonderful in every way!  you're special to us, we love you so much it's true, hope you know this dear, that there is no one like you!

#9020-5 To Someone Special Giant Card
Inside: ...on this special day, may God bless you in every way! 

#9020-7 From all of us... Group Giant Card
Inside: We wish you all the best!

#9020-1 VIP Birthday Giant Card
Inside: On a day like today,
A day to celebrate,
We greet you glad tidings
We truly think you're great
Like the headlines we shout
You're set apart it's true
Everyone in the world
would be blessed to know you! Happy Birthday!

#9020 Giant Greeting Cards
Size 11 x 8.5 inches (folded)
Price: 49.00 php each

Quantity: Design: Check out now


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