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#1-912 Guardian Angel on Duty  

This angel on a cloud will do her best to guard your room!  Perfect for your door or beside your bed.  Tied with twine.  Made of durable resin. 

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Size 7.5" high x 6.25" x 1.25" thick, 450g

P189 / $5.40

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angel with broken heart

#1-847  Two Parts of One Heart  

With the ever popular Angel Touch character of Papemelroti. 

Couples' names may be placed on the heart.  Many messages to choose from such as "What a blessing that we both should meet and make each other's lives complete" (pictured blank)  Made of durable resin. 

Size 6.5 inches high, 300g

P149 / $4.26 

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angel touch birthstone

#1-803 Touched by an Angel Birthstone Collection

This collection is a popular one at our shops.  Get your month!  Angel has a golden halo and pink flower atop of her/his head.  Each carries your birthstone! Pictured is the sapphire which is the September birthstone.  Made of durable resin.

Size is 2.75 inches high, 75g

*There is a 20% discount for an order of 50 pcs or more of the same item.

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P98 / $2.80 each

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P78.40 / $2.25 each

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angel cellphone holder

#1-820  Angel Touch Cellphone Holder

Keep your phone where your angel can find it!  Individually hand-painted.  Made of durable resin.

Size 2 1/5" x 4.75", 150g

P119 / $3.40

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