DIY Art Stand

Summer is just around the corner and with a lot of free time on the children's hands, this project is just the thing to encourage their creativity!

All you need: glue, 7 toilet paper tube rolls, small sheet of cardboard, scrap cloth, strip of lace and optional die cut decor


1. Gather all the materials.  The scrap cloth is nicer if you find different designs but in a matching color.  We used blue denim with printed blue florals and stripes. 

2. Cover all the paper tubes with the cloth by wrapping them and tucking the ends inside with glue.

3. Trace one end of the tube onto the cardboard so you can cover one end (so the pens don't fall out!).  Cover this with cloth held on by glue and then attach to the bottom of the tube like in the picture.

4. Bunch all the tubes together and secure with glue and the strip of lace so it stands firmly together.

5. Fill it up with your pens and enjoy!



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