"Design is intelligence made visible." This quote by Alina Wheeler pretty much sums up Elyse's design philosophy. She believes that there is power in a simple design with a strong message. A magna cum laude Fine Arts graduate of the University of the Philippines, Elyse is an extremely talented young lady. Having traveled to more than 20 countries (and counting), she loves experiencing different cultures and photographing her adventures.

Her designs include her photographs from around the world as she uses these as a backdrop for positive messages and bible passages. When she reads something that speaks to her, it inspires her to share it with others through a product.

She spends most of her days doing what she loves doing - Product design, instagramming (personal and for papemelroti), probono design work and spending time with her cats and friends.

She believes that anyone has the tools to be a photographer and artist, and that one can create almost anything with passion and a smart phone!


Josh is currently in college taking up Computer Science at the University of the Philippines.  This young, minimalist designer gets his inspiration from anything he sees and experiences.

He has a variety of styles in the products he's designed from handmade typography to modern, linear themes. His designs convey a love of travel and adventure, and if he could, he would definitely hike up a mountain or explore some cave to his last day on earth.

His current favorites are the Harry Potter book series and bands like Passion Pit and Two Door Cinema Club.


Isabel, despite being the youngest in the newest batch of papemelroti designers, has what she calls a simplistic design style that is rapidly catching the eye of the shoppers.

Even if she is a busy college freshman, she greatly values family time and loves spending time with them at the beach. She spends her free time drawing and designing, listening to her favorite music by Coldplay, Beach House, Band of Horses or maybe re-reading her old favorite, the classic 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.

She has an advocacy for spreading awareness about Dyslexia and ADHD
and finds true happiness in life by growing in her faith and relationship with God.




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