Art Prints 

Beautiful and whimsical art prints from Papemelroti artist Patricia Paterno's original paintings.

From the series: Sunrise Reflections

These prints look like an original acrylic paint with colors identical to the original.

Each print is signed by the artist.  The Artist's Blog


Patricia's art is now available at the Vintage Shop in our main branch.  Please visit!  see more information



You Call Me Teacher

Crowns with Kindness

Surrounded by Blessings


patricia paterno painting art print philippines

I am Peace

Increase Our Faith

Whoever Sows

Faith a Living Sign

Jesus is the Limitless

We Have this Treasure

Sometimes Our Words

Whoever Loves Me

Truly You Have Formed

patricia paterno painting art print philippines

Stir Into Flame

My Joy and My Crown

Look at the Birds

There is No One

Practice Love

God Looked at Everything


#379 Patricia Paterno Art Prints, Size 190mm x 270mm
Paper weight is 160 gsm, acid free

P250 / $7.50 each

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