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Explore our wide assortment of party favors for your child's special day!  It will be even more memorable with these tokens!  
Orders of 50 pcs or more of the same item get a discount!

Customized Desk Clock

Get a timeless reminder of the special days that come only rarely in our lives.  Mark these days with keepsakes to remember them by.

Customized Baby Deco Poster 

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Spectacular Christening Magnet

49.00 php

Children are a Blessing Paper Pack

64.00 php

Personalized Collage Bookmark

22.00 php

Night and Day Memo Clip Holder

99.00 php

Personalized Baby in a Crib Figurine

129.00 php

Angel Touch Birthstone Figurine

98.00 php

Children's One Color Wooden Magnet

69.00 php

Children's Wooden Penholder

49.00 php

Children's Full Color Wooden Penholder

59.00 php

Children's Noteclip

79.00 php

Boodle Bottles

Assorted prices

Square Childrens' Magnet

59.00 php

Baptism Magnet Buttons

30.00 php

Baby Full Color Wooden Magnet

79.00 php

Personalized Baptismal Mini Noteclips

55.20 php

Baptism Standee

179.00 php

Guardian Angel on Duty Wall Hanging

129.00 php

Birthstone Bear

98.00 php

Baby Things Chime

129.00 php

Keepsake Prayer Box for a New Baby

198.00 php

Baptismal Godparent Desk Plaque

239.00 php

Bubble Magnets

39.00 php

Christening Tiny Scroll

65.00 php

Godfather and Godmother Standee

129.00 php

Customized Childrens' Poster Scroll

23.00 php

Tiny Bear Figurine

22.00 php

Christening Dedication Board

698.00 php

Angel Chime

169.00 php

Children are a Blessing with Matching Holder

89.00 php

Dear Little Baby Desk Picture Frame

139.00 php

Little Isabel Hanger

95.00 php

Sailboat Boodle Bottle

39.00 php

Love is to Share Bear Penholder

75.00 php

Children's Bank

69.00 php

Baby Pad Box with Closed Top

63.20 php

Baby Pad Box

71.20 php

Bear Message Signboard

98.00 php

Baby Favor Frame

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