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dangling earrings manila

#292-51  Coin Dangling Earrings

Shiny coins have a surprise design in front.  These come in a wide variety of designs so you can collect them all!  Each is finely hand-assembled. 

P59 / $1.70

Quantity:   Design:
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tiny rose jewelry piece earring philippines

#383-126 Tiny Rose Earrings

My love is like a red, red rose!  This is such a dainty piece that will charm any girl's heart. Each is finely hand-assembled. 

Size of metal base 13mm diameter

P59 / $1.70

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musical earrings philippines

#383-128 Musical Earrings

The rhythm-filled soul is earmarked for greatness!  Whisk yourself away to a nostalgic past with this romantically designed accessory.  Features a standard element in music, the G-cleft.  Each is finely hand-assembled. 

Size of G-cleft 23mm length

P79 / $2.25

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medallion earring philippines

#383-122  Medallion Dangling Earrings

It's party time with this festive pair.  A timeless piece that can be worn every day.  Features an intricately cut metal medallion piece.  Each is finely hand-assembled. 

Size of medallion 31mm diameter

P59 / $1.70

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spectacular earrings

#349-5  Spectacular Earrings

Lighten up your face and look with these sprightly accessories.  Light as a feather to wear.  Available in a wide variety of designs.

view this product   See Beige design here

Size of irregular shaped accent is 2" x 1", 20g

P79 / $2.25

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Dot Earring with Bead Earrings

#318-12  Dot Earrings with Metal Bead Embellishment

A favorite among our fashionistas!  At such an affordable price!  Add a Box

Only P45 / $1.30

Quantity: Color:
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Also available to match this item are our #318-11 Dot Rings! for only P25 / $.72  view this item


Cloth Earrings

#318-1 Dot Earrings

Such charming accessories to match any outfit.  These are lightweight and come in assorted colors.  We sometimes cannot replicate the designs so if you like it buy it right away!  Add a Box

Size 5/8" diameter. 

P45 / $1.30 a pair view this item

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See more earrings designs here     and here

Also Available:

#318-2 Dot Button Sets come in assorted designs and colors.  One pack has a set of 5 buttons.  Use for clothing or craft projects.  Size 5/8" diameter each.  P29 / $0.83 per pack. view this product

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mosaic dangling earrings

#290-1-2908  Mosaic Dangling Earrings

Add some zing to your outfit with these fun and fancy dangling earrings!  Other designs available!  Made of wood and metal components.

Size of round wood 3/4", 10g

P98 / $2.80

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#292-1CFE  Clip On Glaze Earrings

Fun and funky earrings for all ages!  Clip on comfortable style.  A classy casual look for young ladies.  So many more designs to choose from!  view this product

Size 5/8" diameter (per earring)

P49 / $1.40

Quantity: Design: Check out now

Other Designs Available:

#292-1GRL  Girl Glaze Earrings  view

#292-1BTF  Butterfly Glaze Earrings (seen above)

#292-1BLK  Black Swirls Earrings view  see worn

#292-1BRD  Blackbird Earrings view   more designs

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Stud Earrings

#292-2 Stud Glaze Earrings

Really cool stud earrings.  For all ages!  So many delightful designs to choose from!  Collect them all! 

Size 0.4" diameter (per earring)

P49 / $1.40

Quantity:   Design: Check out now

See other designs:

#292-2MST  Music Sheet Glaze Earrings view this product

#292-2BIN  Bird's Nest Glaze Earrings view

#292-2CLG  Girl Collage Earrings view

#292-2TIM  Round the Clock Earrings view

#292-2PSL  Paisley Glaze Earrings view

#292-2PRT  Small Portrait Glaze Earrings view

More designs here

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