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#1057-26 Charlie Shoe Cabinet

Our shoe cabinet has 3 drawers and a slatted door to keep shoes aired and organized.  Walnut stained finish.

Decorations are not included.

Size 40" height x 29.5" length x 14.5" width, 52 kg

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#70-268  Pinewood Wardrobe Cabinet

Perfect for a tiny guestroom.  Storage drawer below holds personal items.  It has wooden rods for hanging clothing inside.

Height: 75" Width: 20.5" Length: 26.875"

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#70-287 Tall Storage Cabinet

Made of recycled pinewood in whitewash finish.  Ideal for tidy storage of books or clothing. 

Size 67" height x 20" length x 9.75" width

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#1057-28 Shelf Cabinet

Made of recycled pinewood in antique mahogany finish.  Ideal for tidy storage of books or other items. 

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#184-3  Pinewood Bookshelf

A classic and functional style appropriate for any type of home or office.  Natural walnut finish blends with any other existing furniture.  For holding books as well as decor.

Height 75"
Length 25.75"
12 Width"

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#70-35 Book Case

Originally for storing books, this piece can be used for practically any home use or in any room.  Its natural look fits well in any setting and sturdy shelving make it a welcome sight. 

Height: 40" x Length: 23" x Width: 11" 

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#1057-56  Prairie Cupboard

This cupboard's soft graceful lines are decorated with Papemelroti original tiles on walnut stain finished pinewood. 

Height: 49"     
Length: 27"   
Width: 11"

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apple spice cabinet


#70-236-1 Token Curio Cabinet with Tile

Display your treasures in a versatile piece that goes well with country or mediterranean theme.

Walnut stain finish.

Height: 76.5"   
Length: x 29"    
Width: 12.5

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apple spice cabinet

#1057-4 Apple Spice Cabinet

Simple and charming, this piece is conveniently supplied with 6 compartments for storage.  With 4 metal knobs.  Special hanging knobs adorn this ever-popular piece, modernizing its appeal.  Comes with a choice of wooden or wrought iron handles and with or without decorative tiles.   Walnut stained finish.

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Size 37.5"h x 11"w x 29"l 

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ask us if we can make new stock.  Allow at least 3 weeks to complete.

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