Cabinets and Storage Units


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#70-236-1 Token Curio Cabinet with Tile

Display your treasures in a versatile piece that goes well with country or mediterranean theme.

Walnut stain finish.

Height: 76.5"   
Length: x 29"    
Width: 12.5"

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#70-32-1  Mini Hutch Bottom

Versatile in diverse interiors, simple and functional, our Mini Hutch Bottom is a practical buy for any home.  Has 4 drawers and 1 storage area below covered by pull-out doors with heart design.   Coordinate hutch top is also available. 

Original hand-painted design by Papemelroti Artist Robert Alejandro. 

Height: 28"     
Length: 19"   
Width: 11"

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#70-35 Book Case

Originally for storing books, this piece can be used for practically any home use or in any room.  Its natural look fits well in any setting and sturdy shelving make it a welcome sight.

Height: 40"     
Length: 23"   
Width: 11"

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#70-43-1 Treasure Cupboard with Glass

Long and slender, this piece is a good place to store your books as well as other cherished items.  4 Shelves line its interior.

Size 62" height x 18" length x 10.5"width

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#1057-56  Prarie Cupboard

This cupboard's soft graceful lines are decorated with Papemelroti original tiles on walnut stain finished pinewood.

Height: 49"     
Length: 27"   
Width: 11"

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*Ask us for about availability and price.  If the furniture piece you want is not in stock,
ask us if we can make new stock.  Allow at least 3 weeks to complete.

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Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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