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In the darkness that was September 11, the whole world felt a weight so heavy that it resulted in an economic downturn, thousands of jobs lost, and an uneasy restlessness verging on mass hysteria.  It is only natural for us then to search for light and whatever glimmer of hope we may find around us.

Two millenniums ago, a child’s coming was announced by a radiant star. It shone brightly for those who waited for its coming and for those who didn’t know of its timely significance. It was a sign of great hope and blessing for all the people.

So, how can it still be a sign of hope for us today? The tragedy of 9.11 was due to the misuse of God’s greatest gift to us – free will. Christ’s coming was the answer to every evil no matter how unthinkable because it meant that this life was not all we had but that it was the next which held more significance. The birth of our Lord held the hope of eternal life, if we but only make the best use of his gift of free will, choosing the right path in our lives.

Today that star still shines, in each one of us as we have all received the light of Christ’s love. We may choose for it to shine brightly for others to feel His love through us or we may let it be hidden under layers of busy-ness, passivity and self-concern. May we all choose to be Hope-givers this season!

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Ways to Shine Bright This Season
Bring light and hope to those who need it most!  (And you'll see it come back to you a hundredfold!)

  • Make a checklist of people you think are somewhat down in the dumps.  Make it your goal this Christmas to cheer them up in whatever way would best fit their situation.

  • Rest!  Studies show that productivity levels are higher when a person gets enough rest rather than goes from task to task.  If you are well-rested, it will show in your actions and attitude.

  • Participate in Papemelroti's Shoebox Christmas!  Be a blessing to someone in need and surprise them with a gift! Click here for more info.

  • Offer to cook for someone who normally does the cooking.  Be sure to make a good job of it and put the most important ingredient - love!

  • Babysit for super tired parents!  Give them quality time to spend together, they will truly appreciate this thoughtful gesture.  It will also teach you how to be a child again!

  • Never know what to give the person who has everything?  An option is donating to a worthy institution in their behalf.  It benefits another as well as shows the recipient of your kind regard.

  • Find someone (a stranger) without a smile and leave him with one.  Do this depending on his need, whether it be a meal, a listening ear or even just a smile from you.  Don't be satisfied until he smiles back!  (Do this with prudence.)

  • Plant some flowers around the block, cut the surrounding areas (not just your own front yard)... do something for the neighborhood you belong to.

  • Write us for more ideas to put here!

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