recycled paper clipboard


Jot down reminders using this handcrafted kraft clipboard.  Pictured here are varied original design options by Papemelroti local artists.  Made from 100% recycled kraft paper.  Each comes with a pack of recycled paper sheets.

Kraft Clipboards

kraft clipboard philippines


Peacock Clipboard

kraft clipboard philippines


Delft Birds Clipboard

kraft clipboard philippines


Botanical Clipboard

kraft clipboard philippines


Garden Clipboard

kraft clipboard philippines


Drama Clipboard

kraft clipboard philippines


Shell Woodcut Clipboard

kraft clipboard philippines


Marrakesh Clipboard


Medium Kraft Clipboard

Size 10 x 8.5 inches

129.00 php    |     $3.70

Quantity:   Design: Check out now

Large Kraft Clipboards

kraft clipboard philippines


Birds on Bough Large Clipboard


Large Kraft Clipboard

Size 12 x 9 inches

Includes 10 kraft sheets

179.00 php    |     $5.15

Quantity:  Design: Check out now

clipboard patterns

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