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Winner of the Book and Notebooks Contest!
Oscarlito C. Malvar, our winner from Santa Cruz, Laguna, said...

"Thanks Papemelroti!  This book will surely inspire me to have a business of my own!"

He won: The Negosyo Book with 55 inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs!  Packed with entrepreneur secrets to make that first step!  Papemelroti's owners are also featured in this book!  Click here to buy this book

Winner of the Shiny Shinies Contest! Fairywinkle
from New Jersey, USA! said "I love Papemelroti! It's an early birthday gift for me that will surely become one of my favorite jewelry pieces!   Thank you soooo much! ♥ "

She won: a one of a kind piece!  The rectangular accent has a fish and flower collage design depicting a play of land and sea.

Added are heart, emerald, wreathe and fish beads all strung on a faux silver chain.  This is an interesting mix of materials that you can match with practically any outfit!  Designed specially for this contest by Papemelroti Artist Meldy!


Scrap Pack Contest Participants:
October 2009
I love the boxes that comes in all shapes and sizes I added your link at

Followed your blogger account

cornelio.mallare (at) gmail(dot)com

Maureen Miravite

Hi! I have been using your pocket organizer for 3 years now without fail. I posted a link to your site at my Twitter account :) I also followed your blog. Thanks!

You can contact me thru mau_miravite(at)

gfc adaengkantada! i just love browsing through your stores. The all-time favorite item i bought was a very cute mirror. But what i love most and can't live without is your pocket calendar/organiser.

I've linked up my blog ( with yours. My email add is

Justine Biance Estacio 
Hi papemelroti!
My favorite thingS to buy in your shop are journals, notebooks and boxes! I'm into scrapbooking too. I just posted a link to your site at and yup, I followed your blog too!

Contact me justinebiance_estacio [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] ph & Thanks! :)

Rootbeer Napiza
Hi papemelroti! :)

I love your mini-notebooks, sketchbooks, scrapbooks, customized letter kits, stickers, button pins, mini-planners, and paper-making kits! :)
My site is

The link can be found below the usericon "Wacth tihs scape." :)
Oh, and I followed your blog! :)

My email add is :)
Thanks and more power! :D
hi folks at papemelroti! i've always gotten my journal notebooks, calendars and other stuff from your store. i'm new to scrapbooking/creative journalling, but i think i'm hooked, thanks to a workshop i attended with your own patsy as speaker. thanks for all the journals, the creativity, and the hope and faith that you inspire!">
Hi! I put them here: a comment at
a blog post at
I just love all your inspirational and eco-friendly stuff. I just can't choose one.
Email me at
I am also following your blog!

Thanks and God bless
I follow your blog (Altrotiroaltroregalo
My fav products are jewelry holders: love them
My email is evabernini [at] yahoo [dot]

Thanks for the chance!

Hi Papemelroti, I love your stationaries and trinkets!
Posted about this scrap pack contest at">

Followed your blog as well

Hi! My blog post:

Following (glf). My fav products are the notebooks!
My mail aboutcontests at


Malini Mohankumar

Hi nice way of allowing people to entering into your site. I am impressed!

I have just started reading your blog and i may not be able to participate in this contest. May be i will be a good reader and watcher at present!

you can track me at

Wishing all the best for all the nominees for this contest! Great work..keep rocking.:-)</description>

Mys Laguitao
My favorite Papemelroti products are your paper packs! To this day, I enjoy playing Query with 2 bestfriends. I text them with the questions in them and we share the answers. My second favorite is Today's Advice - "Improvement begins with an "I"." You can read your link at my

under Important Links
Contact me @ Great contest!

Last thing I ever bought from you were the craft cuts, I'm a hybrid scrapbooker.

Following your blog as Mys Laguitao

nessy herrera
Hi papemelroti!
I love all the stuff you have in your shop! all the great and unique ideas are there. i would love to have papemelroti products as my wedding tokens, really!! aside from the fact that you guys used earth-friendly materials, you also promote the word of God, and you also sell them at a&amp;nbsp; very reasonable price.
i love buying scrapbook materials, boxes and ceramic wall decors at your i wish you will have an official store here in our place.

I just posted a link to your site at my Facebook account and became your fan and yup, I followed your blog!

Contact me @

Cath Palanca
Hey papemelroti!
My uber favorite thing to buy in your shop are the earrings. I bought an earring rack + 2 pairs of lovely earrings from the shop gave it to a friend for her birthday. She loved it! I followed your blog! i posted a link to your site on my blog:
You may contact me thru my blog's Message Board
Thanks! More power to you guys
thank you for getting involved in Ondoy vics relief ops

Hi Papamelroti! :)
This is another great contest of yours. Anyway, my favorite product in Papemelroti are your notebooks which are really great for journaling :)
I've just posted your link in my accounts.
I have also followed your blog in blogspot :)
More power! God bless you in Jesus' name! :)


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