Craft Projects for everyone!

All of the listed projects are easy and fun to do, made with mostly common
household materials.  Most are free!
We suggest you make your own variations and be as creative as possible, adapting
the crafts to suit your own design preferences.  Watch out for our workshop schedules
coming soon!  Art Is-Kool instructional CDs are also up for grabs (see below).  
For questions on the projects, e-mail us at 

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mrs whatsit
Recycled Box
Everything that usually ends up in a trash bin can have a new life!
The Bohemian Project
The Bohemian Project
Craft some products from scrap cloth

Free Craft:
Clay Sculpture
- make animal figures both useful and decorative using simple art materials (as featured on Good Housekeeping Magazine, November 2002 issue

Recycled Box
Everything that usually ends up in a trash bin can have a new life!
faith journaling
Illustrated Faith Journalling
turn your reflections into art
free paper doll  
Free Paper Doll
A DIY for a little girl. Make this craft in minutes!

Pretty Up Your Planner
Our very own Patricia Paterno shares her personal style with you!
piggy bank
Make a Paper Mache Piggy Bank
a very doable project
scrapcrafting with plastic
Scrapcrafting with Plastic
Use this as jewelry, keychain or scrapbook embellishments.
Pen Roll
DIY Pencil Roll
A must-have for every artist doesn't have to be pricey!

Shiny Shimmery Splendid Christmas Decor Have a whimsical feel of child's play in your home.

Free Downloadable Patterns
You can make a room full of things much better just be adding a sprightly bit of patterns to each of them.

Make a Pocket Wrap
to use as unique gift packaging
recycle wrappers
10 Ways to Recycle Wrappers
with free downloadables
christmas decor
Easy DIY Christmas Decor
to spruce up your old look
make your own christmas decor
Make Your Own Christmas Decor
with these simple materials

Clock Craft
with free downloadable

Free Craft:
How to Make a Holy Family
an easy, child-friendly craft made out of scrap cloth, glue, art paper and toilet paper rolls!
personality pillbox
Personality Pill Box
Make your friend happy with this gift project
book cover
Make A Book Cover
Easy to do project to protect your books
recycled pen holder
5-Minute Recycled Pencil Holder
So very easy and fun to make!

Make a Memorabilia Christmas Tree
Make Christmas more than ever a family event!

Scrapbooking Styles
Hone your skills at making memories more fun to do!   
Click here

Luminaria Tutorial Make something beautiful out of tin cans. Papemelroti artist Patsy shows how.  Click here

How to Make a Flower Collage Flower collages are really easy to do and you can make them big or small, simple or really complicated! Click here

Christmas Glitter Decor
This easy to do project has so many applications.  Uses recycled materials. 
Click here

Wrapped in Prayer Tutorial  This delicate doll craft uses recycled materials. Papemelroti artist Patsy shows how.  Click here

Make Your Own Fabric Collage Mirror
This craft project, a fabric collage (for want of a better term!), was made for a local TV show, Powerhouse. Click here

We are God's Garden Tutorial
Bring the beauty of the garden into your own home with this uber creative project. Click here

Grandma Gift
Surround Grandma with a handmade gift! Papemelroti artist Patsy shows how.  Click here

Jewelry Out of Kitchen Clay
Now you can make your own jewelry made out of regular household items! Click here

Fused Plastic Bag Tutorial
Make something wonderful out of used plastic bags!  Papemelroti artist Patsy shows how.  Click here

Plastic Bottle Doll
Recycle a throwaway plastic bottle into a beautiful doll!  Papemelroti artist Patsy shows how.  Click here

Scrapbooking Tips for Beginners An article on how to start scrapbooking

Free Craft: Mother's Day Decor - easy do-it-yourself buntings for a sweet party

Surefire ways to finish your collation of memories

Artist Trading Cards or ATCs  are small sized masterpieces by none other but you!  Trade all around the world and build your collection.  Click here

Coasters Make a quaint coaster using recycled materials

New! Grand Marionettes Make grandpa and grandma dance the night away with this simple children's craft!  Click here

Make an Art Stand and put those toilet tube rolls to good use!

DIY Graduation Decor  Enjoy your success by having a party!  Decoration concerns?  That's no problem!  Just see what you can do with our do-it-yourself project!  Click here

Scrapbooking Styles  Here's where you can find ways to decorate your scrapbook into something even more special.  Easy to do steps by Papemelroti artist Robert Alejandro.  Click here

Vintage Paper Doll 
Here's a free craft to make for kids.  Print and cutout this doll image (at right) and use printed paper pages from books and directories to make the clothing!  Click on the image to download.

Free Craft:
Make a Plastic Bottle Chair
makes use of ordinary plastic soda bottles you usually discard. 

Free Craft:
Make your own All Occasion Decor - Christmas and have fun while you're at it!

Free Craft:
Christmas Memorabilia tree
(as featured at Ayala Christmas Workshop at Glorietta, Dec. 2, 2007, Sunday) 

Free Craft:
How to Make a Paper Star
to decorate your home this Christmas with!

Free Craft: How to Make Costume Party Hats using common materials with Robert Alejandro on MomWorks Television Show
Shadow Dinosaur Puppet Kit Spend hours of family fun with this kit!  An inexpensive gift for a young boy or girl.  Comes with a flashlight, instructions and 2 AA batteries!

Free Craft: Bridal Shower Tabletop Decor
This craft project is really fun and easy to do for your shower parties! It can also be adapted to a debut or a lady's birthday party!
Free Craft: Paper Dove-making This is a paper craft handed down from generation to generation in some Philippine families. It's usually made out of banana leaves. Oftentimes the weaving method featured is used for boiling rice, natively called "puso". Click here to view Do it Yourself Animal Puppets
Papemelroti Animal Puppets Spark up your creativity with this easy kiddy project! 

Free Craft:
Sandpaper & Crayon T-shirts This technique is easy for kids to do!

Free Craft:
Black and White Mobiles
to decorate your room with.  Has very simple instructions you can do with your kids.

Free Craft:
Father's Day Decor for surprising your dad!

Free Craft:
Party Theme
(as featured on Michelle Simone, Lifestyle Channel 7, Sunday, May 20, 2007)

Handmade paper-making kit - recycle your own paper with this easy-to-do project, complete with a short history of handmade paper!

Free Craft:
Cat Clay Holder - do-it-yourself cellphone or pen or paper holder for your desk.  Personalizeable too!

Free Craft:
Mother's Day Bouquet Simple craft for kids to honor Mom by Papemelroti artist Calej

Free Craft:
Leaf Print T-shirt
(as featured on Home Buddies, Channel 9, Saturday mornings, December 2002)
Free Craft: Shadow Print T-shirt (as featured on Home Buddies, Channel 9, Saturday mornings, December 2002)


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