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butterfly decor #296-30 Butterfly Token and Decor

A young debutante is oftentimes associated with the butterfly to celebrate the beautiful transformation that happens in a woman's life.  Available in different designs and colors.  A nice party accent all around the room that can be given as tokens after the event.

Limited supply only.

Size of butterfly is 7.5" x 10.5" x 3/4"
Length of stick is 23.5"

P39 / $1.15 each

Quantity:   Check out now



#292-5 Glaze Clip

These are so fun to use for pads, clothes and pictures.  The designs are also varied and are very handy!

sample design ideas here

Size 2 7/8" x 1" x 3/4", 10g

P29 / $0.83 each

There is a 20% discount on orders of 50 pcs or more. 

Quantity: Check out now



#1-1161 Rose Bouquet Memo Clip Holder

Color of roses and/or ribbon may be changed to suit your preference. Individually hand-painted.  Made of durable resin.

Size 2" (without wire clip), 5.5" (with wire clip), 1.75" x 2.5", 100g. 

Regular Price: P89 / $2.55 each

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Discounted Price: P71.20 / $2.05 each

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*Price is inclusive of personalized message and changes in color



#9066-2-1 Magnet Buttons

Pick from a variety of our ready-made designs.   We will put your name and the date of the wedding on the banners, size 2.25" x 2.25".  Made of metal with sealed-in design in front. See other designs here.

There is a 20% discount for an order of 50 pcs or more of the same design.

Regular Price: P30 / $0.85 each

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Discounted Price: P29.50 / $0.85 each

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See important shipping information for this product

*Ask us about Button Pins



Debutante Frame#990DEB  On Your 18th Birthday Plaque

With inspiring words for a debutante's special day. 

Click on the image to read the words.  You may also request the words from us when placing your order/inquiry.  Click here for other word samples.

Additional border designs may be added to the design.  Click here for design choices.

Size 12 1/8" x 8 1/8", 1/2" thickness.  300g.

*Send us the picture via e-mail.  Allow 2 to 3 weeks production time.  Rush orders are accepted with additional charge. 

Price with picture (and same design & text): 
P698 / USD $19.95

Quantity:   Name: Check out now





#1-506-1 Round Rose Chime

Three Aluminum Rods make for a delightful melody. Rose color may be altered to suit your motif.  Wordings, name and date is personalized.  5 1/2" high (with rods), 25g.  Click here for our selection of verses and messages.

There is a 20% discount for 50 pcs or more of the same item ordered.

Regular Price: P129 / $3.70 each

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Discounted Price: P103.20 / $2.95 each

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click here for more chime products

Add a Small Window Chime Box
Allow 2-3 weeks production time for box.



#1-613  Bless You

A Collection of Personal Prayers for any time of the day - 47 prayer cards will surely enrich one's spiritual life.   The prayers were taken from various sources.  This item comes individually wrapped in plastic knotted with a twine or cloth ribbon.  Box is made of durable resin.   Personalizing possible on small front banner.  Indicate preferred color of flowers.  You may change the wordings to other themes.  Click here for options. 

Size 3 1/8"x 2.75" x 1.25", 150g (+box=280g).  See the product with the sheets here

There is a 20% discount for an order of 50 pcs or more of the same item.
Regular Price: P98 / $2.80 each

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Discounted Price: P78.40 / $2.25

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If you wish to have 2 short lines of text on the banner,
add P10 / $0.29 each.
Price: P99 each / $2.83
for 50 pcs. or more:  P79.20 / $2.26




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