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Mother Decoupage Frames

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personalized Mother decoupage plaque #990 Personalized Mother Wall Plaque

Comes in special sepia finish.  Put your mother's best picture!  Just e-mail your picture to us. Submit any changes of words (or additional words) to us. 

Wood used is made of recycled pinewood. 

Size 8.125 height x 12 length x 1/2 inches width, 250g. 

Price with picture (same design and text):
P698 / USD $19.95

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*Upon request, we can send you the layout for approval before production (only after payment).

Other designs are also available!  Order for your whole family!

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#990-20 World's Greatest Mother Decoupage Plaque

Full color design with inspiring words for every wonderful mom.  Made with recycled pinewood border. 

Size 12.125 x 8.125, 1/2 inch thickness.  300g. 
Click on the image to read the words.

P498 / $14.25

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#960-15 Mother Large Wooden Desk Plaque

Made of recycled wood.

Size 6" high x 4" x 1 5/8", 70g

P198 / $5.65

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#1-826 MOM Small Colored Desk Scroll Made of durable resin, with decoupage colored floral design on torn edged effect.

Size 3.75" high x 1.5" width, 2 5/8" length

P89 / $2.55

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#985  The World's Greatest Mom Wall Plaque

With words "You've always cared for me so well.  You've been so sweet and true.  Of all the mothers in the world, the dearest one is you."  This product is available in different sizes.

Made from recycled pinewood.

P149 / $4.25

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For more information, please contact us at

Prices do not include postage.  Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.

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