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desiderata wall plaque philippines

#990-40-1  Desiderata Wall Plaque

Remember these timeless words of wisdom on your journey.  This plaque gives us advice for how to live a peace-filled life. Comes in a modern, whitewash finish.  We used recycled pinewood for this product.  Each is individually handmade with care. 

Size 8.125 height x 12 length x 1/2 inches width, 250g. 

P498 / $14.25 each

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welcome to our home wall hanging philippines

#1024-6-2E Welcome to Our Home Wall Hanging

A colorful way to welcome your family and guests in! Bring a bright, cheery feel to any room at any time of the day! This product is made of MDF or medium density fiberboard (composite wood product).  Designed by Papemelroti artist Elyse Pilapil.  This product is made of MDF or medium density fiberboard (composite wood product). A no frills plaque perfect for modern homes.  

Size per block 60mm x 190mm x 8mm, 230g

Only P268 / $7.65 each

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In Our Home Let Love Abide philippines

#1024-30E In Our Home Let Love Abide Wall Plaque

Remember to keep love at the center of your home with this wall plaque.  With a timeless, retro feel.  This product is made of MDF or medium density fiberboard (composite wood product).  A no frills plaque perfect for modern homes.

Size 11 x 7.5 inches, 250g 

#1024-29E Black Background P298
Brown Background P298

P398 / $11.40 each

Background Color:

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#987-3 No. 1 Aunt and No. 1 Uncle Desk Plaque

With several sayings in antique finish look (black printed), torn edge effect.

Size -4 3/4" x 3 1/8", 50g. 

Decoupage on recycled pinewood. 

Price: P139 / $4

Quantity:   Aunt or Uncle?
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Wooden Desk Plaques


#987 Wooden Full Color Desk Plaques

With several designs "World's Greatest Grandmother Award" and "World's Greatest Father Award" in full color.  Personalizeable space for name of recipient, giver and date.  One can hand-letter these or use letter transfers. 

Size 4 3/4" x 3 1/8", 50g. 

P149 / $4.25  

Quantity:  Words: Check out now

* Lettering at our main branch is free for less than 10 pcs.  Letter transfers may be used otherwise.   

WG Grandfather and Grandmother Plaque

#912-17 World's Greatest Grandfather Greeting Plaque - (deskstands)

Put your grandparent's picture to personalize!

Comes with a 100% recycled kraft paper and wooden remove-able stand, 100g, 5.5" h

P149 / $4.25  

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Wooden Decoupage Decor

Many other designs available!

#902 Family and Home Decoupage Frames

Comes in a variety of border colors & designs. Individually hand-painted.  Made of recycled wood. 

Size 13"h x 9.75"w, 300g

Other designs:
#902-1 The Great Threes
#902-2 Happy Anniversary (personalizable) 
#902-4 Thanksgiving
#902-5 Marriage Takes Three 
#902-6 All God's Children

#902-7 Born on  (personalizable, for baptisms)
#902-8 May there always (a blessing)
#902-9 Lord Warm
#902-10 You're Cherished (personalizable)
#902-11 You Are Loved
#902-14 Marriage
#902-18 Desiderata
#902-27 A Marriage Prayer
#902-28 To My Parents As I Wed (personalizable)
#902-33 Graduate Prayer

#902-34 May the Road (a blessing)

P698   |   $19.95
*We provide detailed wordings only upon request

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