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Memo Clip Holders

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beagle clip

#1-1023 Jack the Beagle Memo Clip Holder.

Let little Jack help you of your daily reminders or put your photos up for show. Comes with metal heart chain with "Made with love" engraved.

Size 3.5"h x 2.25"w x 1.75"l, 50g

P89 / $2.55

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#1-1051  House Memo Clip Holder 

Ideal for family giveaway tokens for Christmas and housewarmings, space for personalizing at back.  2.5 cm x 2.5 cm cube

Regular Price: P59.75 / $1.70  

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Discounted price for an order of 50 pcs. or more (with message included): P47.80 / $1.36 each

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#1-907  Smiley Memo Clip Holder 

A bright and cheery product to liven up anyone's day!  Made of durable resin.  

Size 5.5" high, 35g. 

Only P69  

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#124-46 Valentine Memo Clip Holder

With sweet sayings like "I Love You" or "Forget me not I ask of thee, Reserve one spot in your heart for me" and others.   Personalizable (for hand-lettering or decoupage label) 

Size 5.75"h x 1 5/8"w x 1.75"l, 60g


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[ Memo Clip Holders 2 ] Memo Clip Holders 3 ]

Prices do not include postage.  Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.

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