Our e-Commerce Story

The papemelroti e-business began in the year 2000 when interest in the internet was in its early stages in the Philippines.

Papemelroti designers started experimenting on making their own personal websites, learning how to use code like HTML and enjoyed the newest modes of communication available online. 

People who had never heard of papemelroti got to find the shop online through the generous offering of free web graphics and e-cards and soon customers started shopping and products got shipped to far flung places such as Kenya!

The world wide web was a convenient way to find papemelroti.  With one search, you would be able to find out which branch was nearest you and what were the newest products available.  Advertising the business in a consistent, up-to-date way was also one of the benefits of the website.

The shop online has been a booming business since it has opened up a worldwide market to papemelroti and has since allowed the company to have a growing number of distributors.   

The online business has helped papemelroti grow closer to the customers.  Social networking sites such as Facebook, Multiply, Blogspot and Friendster provide a lasting connection.  They can even ask questions in real time using chat messages.

Papemelroti loves listening to customer feedback and the internet has facilitated the way for the company to receive requests and suggestions on products and services.

Since 2004, the Papemelroti e-newsletter has been serving customers with a monthly dose of inspiration, crafts, exciting events, latest promos, discounts, products and worthwhile volunteer opportunities. 

At this time, computerization of inventory and brick and mortar transactions were also underway and continues to evolve to this day as the company strives to innovate and provide better and faster service to its customers.


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