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Sell your Consign items to the Vintage Shop!

We are open to consigning items from you!  Do you have an evening gown you just used once?  A pre-loved item that became one or two sizes smaller?  Shoes that were given to you but these didn't fit?

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List of Recyclables That are Bought from Households
(refer to junkshops page for where to sell)
(Prices as of June 2001)

Take a look at how much recycling centers and junk shops would buy your trash! 
These add up not only to extra earnings but also to cleaner surroundings! 
It is also a big help to our garbage disposal problem in Metro Manila so read on and collect on!

This list is compiled by Mother Earth Unlimited.   They also conduct free workshops. 
Contact them today at #43 Hillside Loop, Blue Ridge, Quezon City
Tel: (632) 647-7839 or 0917+6455837 (Theresa), 647-1181 (Odette Alcantara), 647-1143 (Sonia Mendoza), Fax: (632) 647-7839.


- Assorted Paper: folder, newsprint, scratch paper, receipts w/o carbon P.40/ kilo
- Newspaper P1.50/ kilo
- Carton P12.00/ hand span (isang dangkal)
-.Magazine P3.00/ hand span
- Broken bottles: clear/ colored glass P.30/ kilo
- Beer bottle/ Gilbey's big bottle/ Gin bottle/ Nescafe medium bottle/ Shoktong bottle/ Silver Swan P.50/ pc
- BFS bottle P.25/pc
- Catsup UFC, small bottle P.30/pc
- Vinegar, small bottle P.35/pc
- Catsup UFC, big bottle P.20/pc
- Medicine bottle P.10/pc
- Lapad Tanduay / Emperador bottle P.50/pc
- Gilbey's small bottle P.25/pc
- Softdrinks bottle P.75/pc
- Vinegar, big bottle P.80/pc
- Softdrinks 1 Liter/ Long neck liquor/ Grande bottle/ Soy Sauce bottle/ Whiskey bottle P1.00/pc
- One gallon bottle P3.00/pc
- HIPS Plastic Cups #6 P1.00/kilo
- PE, transparent P.20/kilo
- PET Plastic Bottle, #1 P1.00/kilo
- PVC (tubo or bote) P1.00/kilo
- hard plastc P2.00/kilo
- Aluminum Pots P8.00/kilo
- Aluminum Cans P15.00/kilo    P.30/pc
- Aluminum Hard P15.00/kilo
- Aluminum Jalousy P20.00/kilo
- Scrap Metal P1.00/kilo
- Cans/ bottle caps P1.00/kilo
- Stainless P7.00/kilo
- Brass P25.00/kilo
- Copper P30.00/kilo
- Fender P.50/kilo
- Washers P5.00/kilo
- G.I. Sheet P.25/kilo
- Zinc P5.00/kilo
- Ink cartridge, big P10.00/pc
- Inkjet cartridge, small P15.00/pc
- ISNF/ ISMF battery P15.00/pc
- 2SM battery P35.00/pc
- 3SM battery P45.00/pc
- 6SM battery P75.00/pc
- 2D battery P105.00/pc
- 4D battery P115.00/pc
- 8D battery P145.00/pc


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