Earth Day, April 22
How to help our Philippine Wildlife

1. Avoid buying rare or exotic animals even if seller says they’re from abroad or even if you plan to set it free. Every time you buy, you just encourage the seller to illegally catch more wildlife. Letting animals loose in an area can upset the ecological balance of that area. Rather, try adopting a pet at

2. To make sure you’re not buying an animal caught from the wilds, look for the seller’s license authorizing him to breed that particular species.

3. Report all sightings of illegal pet trading to Haribon , PAWB and Bantay Kalikasan 9253333 or 5555. They will make incidence reports for possible legal action. Or text 0919+2234936.

4. Protect the wildlife habitats- the remaining forests, wetlands, mountains by joining campaigns, e-mail petitions etc.

5. Be informed of issues on the environment by surfing the web, reading, volunteering or joining groups like WWF, Haribon, YPNet, MyZoo,, PAWs, etc.

6. Spread the word! You may make your own earth-friendly poster campaign for others to see!   Link this page to your website by using the GIF image above!

7. Play the Papemelroti Wildlife Adventure Game to learn about different  Philippine animals that are faced with the threat of extinction.  Be aware of how to care for these animals and let others be aware too!



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