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  • How do you make an important Dad feel loved and appreciated on Father's Day?  For each Dad, the answer may be different.  Is your dad a sports enthusiast?  Musically inclined?  A sea lover?  Does he like hi-tech gadgets?  Is he a spiffy dresser or an avid golf fan?  Whichever dad you've got will determine how your celebration should go. 
  • We at Papemelroti greet all Dads everywhere a Happy Father's Day!   Have a wonderful family day!
  • (Let's not forget as well to greet and spend some time too with our Heavenly Father!)
  • It's also Back to School Month!

  • To get back into the school groove, here's a little quiz about our "Founding Fathers" ..... (answers are at the bottom of the quiz)
  • 1. Which father said "if I have a thousand lives, all of them I will offer to Him"?
  • 2. Who is the Father of the Tagalog Poem?
  • 3. Guess the name of the Father of the Philippine Republic (a popular city's namesake)?
  • 4. They named a street after this father who said "Filipinism, nationalism: this is my unconquerable faith and my burning hope."
  • 5. This father of 6 is the Father of Philippine Sonatas.  He has a theatre named after him at the State University.
  • We hope you enjoyed our little quiz as well as some Back to Basics Features on this e-newsletter!
  • Answers to Founding Fathers

    1. Saint Lorenzo Ruiz
    2. Francisco Balagtas
    3. Manuel L. Quezon
    4. Claro M. Recto
    5. Nicanor Abelardo


    Happy Independence Day on June 12 and Father's Day this month!

    A father carries pictures where his money used to be.   ~Unknown

Ideas for Dad

  • Let Dad know just how great he is by baking him a chocolate cake (except for fathers with diet restrictions!)   Decorate it in a unique way - they now have cakes you can put his picture on - or you can top it off with a golf ball, icing, or nuts in the shape of a tie, or anything you think he might appreciate.

  • Plan a day just for him doing things he likes.  Just tell him that you have plans and don't tell him what's going to happen.  You may blindfold him for added surprise effect

  • A picnic breakfast is always a nice treat.  Early in the morning, pick a nice outdoor spot - be sure it has a semi-shelter in case it rains - and have a basketful of breads, assortment of cheese, cold cuts and drinks.  Have his favorite coffee on hand spread out on a brightly colored mat.  If you're out on the grass, be sure to have dew-proof coverings - a huge piece of plastic like an unused garbage bag can be put underneath your "banig" or cloth.  Bring along some of his favorite music for effect.

  • For those of us who don't get to spend much time with our fathers, this day is the one of the best opportunities to express our love, appreciation for all they have been to us.  There are many ways to do this - one idea is to have the whole family in on it.  Have everyone share a meal during that day - and in the middle of the meal, someone announces that they will be doing a surprise honoring for Dad.  This is usually done in eulogies but isn't it much better when you honor someone still alive!  Each of you can say one or 2 things you like best about him.  Recollections of childhood memories also liven up the honoring.

  • If you're not one for saying speeches, a homemade card or handwritten letter along with a small gift says a lot.

  • For fathers who are away from home, a phonecall is always best!  If you are calling the US, try www.dialpad.com it's a free call!  If you are willing to spend big, gift delivery is an option


Gift Suggestions for Fathers


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