Make your Own Father's Day Decor

Here's a wonderful way to surprise your dad on his special day! 
Easy to make!  Use recycled materials you can find around your home!

patterns (supplied on this page)
nylon string (for hanging)
construction paper (green, blue, yellow and red)
for airplane and kite
carbon paper
plastic bottles
white string for kite

General Instructions:
1. Print out the patterns supplied on this page.

2. Using a photocopier, enlarge the patterns to the size you desire.  Only enlarge the pieces so they can fit into the size of construction paper you have.

3. Photocopy the pattern onto the construction paper.  Take note of the
    colors for each pattern.

4. Cut out different colored paper to make the kite and airplane.

5. Glue onto the plastic bottle.  Make as many as you like!

6. Hang on dad's bedroom window or den!

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