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Mr. and Mrs. Lumpy Figurines


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Happy People Matching Heart Pair

A fun popular item at all our shops!  Every couple should have one!

Girl - 80g, Boy - 80g
Size of both combined - 2.75" high x 3.75" length x 2" width.

Item Code: #1-608

P139 / $3.98 per set

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happy couple heart


Happy People Pair

This pair makes a good whimsically romantic gift.  Put your name on the tag and heart with a permanent marker.  Made of durable resin.

#1-592 Man's Size 4.5" high, 143g 

#1-593 Woman's Size 5" high,  188g.

P139 / $3.98 each 

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No. 1 Happy Mom Figurine

With springing heart and gold crown, make your mom feel like a winner!  "You're the Best" message on heart.

Size 5.5" h (not including heart) x 2.5", 290g,

Item Code: #1-654 

There is a 20% discount for orders of 50 pcs. or more of the same item.

P149 / $4.25

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Happy Family

Meet the Happy Family!  All individually hand-painted and made of durable resin.

#1-596  Happy J
1.75" x 2"  (not incl. heart), 38g
P75 / $2.15

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#1-597  Happy E
Size 1.75" x 2.75"(not incl. heart), 47g
P75 / $2.15

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#1-594  Happy M
Size 2.25" x 2"high (not incl. heart), 34.2g

P75 / $2.15

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#1-595  Happy I
P75 / $2.15

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Mini Mr. and Mrs. Lumpy

Tiny couple popular as a anniversary or wedding token.  Price includes a cardboard oval base.  You may click here to choose from several oval border designs and messages. 

mounted on thick paper

Size 1" high, 13g

Item Code: 1-437

There is a discount of 20% for a order of 50 pcs. or more.  Prices below include personalization.

Regular Price: 
P49 / $1.40

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Discounted Price: 
P39.20 / $1.15

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