Fonts and Template Border Designs

see color guide here   

*We suggest not changing the fonts on our templates.
Please bear in mind the size of the item you are ordering -
if it has sufficient space for the font and wordings you wish to put on it.

(for made to order items)

fontfile.gif (85207 bytes)

Thick Fonts:
(for metal products)



BLACK PRINTED Label Designs: 

#5 Wedding bells

#6 Heart

7 sq.bmp (98286 bytes)
#7 Roses


#9 Ribbon


#13 Heart Wreathe


*Additional P200 / $5.75 to add your picture.

We suggest you use our fonts for readability and for the best design.

SQ 338 Flower Girl

SQ 339 Stork

SQ 333 Vintage

SQ 336 Art Party

SQ 337 Fair

SQ 334 Banner

SQ 309 Girl on Swing

SQ 307 Calligraphic

SQ 308 Lilac Life

SQ 340 Congratulations

SQ 341 Come Fun

SQ 342 Happy Birthday

SQ 344 Butterfly

SQ 343 Sailor Cartoon

SQ 335 Frames

SQ289 Floral Wreathe

SQ290 People

SQ291 Two Hearts Wreath

SQ292 Bible & Rings

SQ293 Baby

SQ294 Two Birds & Heart

SQ295 Rose Green

SQ296 Wedding Bells

SQ297 Roses

SQ 298 Filipiniana

SQ 299 Garden

SQ 300 Botanical

SQ 330 Drama

SQ 331 Mail

SQ 332 Paisley




Oval Border Designs for Birthdays and Baptisms

*Designs with 2 banners usually hold the name of the event/ celebrant
in the top banner and the date in the bottom banner.

For verse suggestions, see our suggestions or you may indicate your own, just take note of the available space in the design.



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