Grand Marionettes

Make grandpa and grandma dance the night away with this simple children's craft!

computer and printer
carbon paper
thin black or dark brown marker
grandparents pattern (provided below)
poster paints (grey, flesh, white, dark brown)
scrap cloth (denim, floral, red or other colors)
metal fasteners

Grand Marionette


1. Click on the image pattern above and print out on paper.

2. Use scissors to cut out the different shapes.

3. Trace the shapes on to cardboard and cut.  Paint flesh poster paint on the faces, necks and legs.  Using carbon paper, trace the face and finalize with thin marker.

4. Cut the other parts out and attach pieces of cloth or color with poster paints according to pattern.

5. Punch a hole using your pencil and cutter where the grey circles are. 

6. Put together using the metal fasteners.

7. Attach one end of a 2 ft piece of yarn at the back of the head with tape.  Attach another end of a 2.5 ft piece of yarn to a hand.  Do this for the other hand and to each foot.

8. Adjust the strings on top so the marionette has the freedom to move his hands and feet up and down and tie together.

Variation: Personalize this marionette by covering the head with your enlarged head shot! 


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