10 ways to recycle wrappers

Ok admit it, don't you feel bothered to throw away all the ribbons and wrapping paper after Christmas?  (Well we hope that you at least slightly feel bothered)  Can't you just imagine the urban landfills growing double with everyone disposing of all the plastic, boxes, paper and what-have-you that their gifts came from?

The ribbons are quite easily stored away to use again for wrapping smaller items or for a multitude of purposes but the wrapper?

Well we've devised 10 ideas so you can help lessen that desperately growing mound of waste and save some trees in the process!  How?  If you use these recycled materials, you'll buy less paper and did we already mention, you'll save money too!

gift wrapper

1. Use as stuffing

Colorful Christmas gift wrapping paper will be great as stuffing in the packaging for future occasions.  Just remember to take out any areas with tape or staples as they will surely ruin your shredder!!!

gift wrapper diy

2. Paper Sculpture

This recycling project is related to the previous stuffing idea.  All you have to do here is print out your favorite image on paper.  It can be a quotation, your picture or a drawing of your child's.  You can use our butterfly image here  Print 2 copies and then position the 2 sheets back to back so the design can be seen.  With a needle and thread, sew the edges!


10 way to recycle gift wrapping paper

3. Make Greeting Cards

Cut the scrap gift wrapping paper into different shapes and then paste them onto colorful construction paper or cardboard.  You can have several shapes like a heart for valentines or a house for a housewarming card.  The possibilities of shapes are endless!  Download the card border here Download the heart shape here


10 way to recycle gift wrapping paper

4. Scrapbook components

Christmas paper is perfect for a Christmas scrapbook page!  Just cut out these fun shapes and then put pictures inside them, around them.  Write down the funniest quotes for the night.


10 way to recycle gift wrapping paper

5. Gift tags

Cut out the paper into 3" x 3" squares (these can be any size really).  Cut cardboard into 3" x 6" rectangles and then fold in the middle.  Paste the paper squares on the front and let dry.  Punch on one side where the ribbon goes.  Now you have a colorful gift tag!


10 way to recycle gift wrapping paper

6. Christmas Decor

Cut out some simple shapes (2 of each shape) and then paste them back to back so the design of the paper is seen on both sides.  Punch with a hole on top and run the string through so these can be hung.  You can mount the shapes on cardboard and then paste the paper for additional durability.


10 way to recycle gift wrapping paper

7. Circles Decor

Cut the gift wrapping paper into circles with size 2" diameter (or any size you like).  Run through the sewing machine stitching everything together.  Hang around the house for a festive feel!  This is decoration you can use over and over again.  Easy to store as well!


10 way to recycle gift wrapping paper

8. Christmas Balls

Have a small balloon and glue on hand.  Cut the wrapping paper into small squares, maybe 2" x 2" (depending on the size of your balloon) - the smaller the squares, the smoother your ball edge will be.  Inflate the balloon into the size you like. Paste the squares one by one on the balloon until fully covered.  Put a thin layer of white glue on top for a protective finish.  Hang around the house.  Perfect for a party.

10 way to recycle gift wrapping paper

9. Paper Mache Bowl

You'll need a balloon, brush, scissors, baby oil, the glue mixture and of course the gift wrapping paper.  Cut the wrapping paper into small strips of around 3" x 1".  Mix 1/2 flour to 1/3 cup water to make the sticky stuff!  Inflate the balloon to the size you want your bowl to be and lather the bottom with a thin layer of the baby oil.  Stick on the paper strips on the bottom part of the balloon (to form a bowl).  Just layer it on and then when it's as thick as you wish, take out the balloon and let it dry.

10 way to recycle gift wrapping paper

10. Paper Flowers

Cut the wrapping paper into long strips of paper with some ribbed edges like the image above.  Experiment with different lengths and sizes.  Take some green colored Christmas paper for the leaves.  Roll the strip in your fingers to make a flower and then make a LOT of these flowers.  Form a wreathe and hang with some wire at the back.


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