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Note: many of the older issues are out of stock.

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Here is our list of the past journals we have published and freely given to our customers and friends.  It takes time to convert them to web pages so not all are available for viewing. 

All of our journals are printed on 100% recycled kraft paper. 

Journal no. 20 : Heart Filled Christmas Crafts Journal
        Showcases heartwarming and timely scripture passages, make your own Christmas ornaments, Habitat for Humanity project, heartfilled Christbaumschnitte, scraps about Christmas.

Journal no. 19 : Hands to Work, Hearts to God Journal -
        Papemelroti's motto is the theme for this journal.  Makes working synonymous with fun!  With some handy craft projects for all hobbyists.

Journal no. 18 : Environment Journal
        Offers original poetry from Papemelroti Planet Patrol members, a nature project for kids, and more trivia from Scraps about helping nature.

Journal no. 17 : Food Journal -
        A visual feast filled with original poetry, animal food habits, ancient eating customs, and more.

Journal no. 15 : Pet Journal -
        Animals give us a lot of joy and laughter.  Here Papemelroti lovingly gives them the tribute they richly deserve.

Journal no. 14 : Mothers' Journal -
        A tribute to mothers everywhere with insightful biblical quotes, games, the Leaf Pledge, how to say Mother in 11 languages, and more.

Journal no. 13 : Helping Hands Journal -
        Quote from the HHJournal "if each one of us can reach out to a seemingly dreary circumstance, or be a conduit of God's love, we all would be the better for it."

Journal no. 12 : Friendship Journal -
        Inspiring friendship scripture quotes accompanied with heartwarming illustrations, trivia and more.  Includes an amusing Petmatch game.

Journal no. 11: Good News Journal  -
        A journal to cheer anyone up, refreshingly different from all the bad news around us - and a lot of inspirational material too.

Journal no. 1O : Valentine Journal -
        Quotes on Love, trivia about Valentines' Day,  Pet Pal goes to the dogs "Man's Best Friend".

Journal no. 9: Crafts Journal -
        Stencil design ideas, gift tag - making, flowers and leaves press, toilet paper roll transformations and more!

Journal no. 8 : Earth-Friendly Journal -
        Includes the Papemelroti Planet Patrol Pledge Sheet, Operation Rescue game, and a multitude of tiips, trivia and ideas to help keep our planet clean and green.

Journal no. 6 : Children's Christmas Journal -
        A tribute to children and the way they eagerly anticipate the joys of Christmas.  Includes ideas to make Christmas more earth-friendly.

Journal no. 5 : Filipiniana Journal -
        Traditional Filipino values, the beauty of folk art, and informative Pinoy trivia find their way to this Philippine style journal.   Sarimanok paper-cutting project included.

Journal no. 3 : Easter Journal -
      An easter cartoon, how to make your own easter eggs, quotes on New Life, games, and more!

Journal no. 2 : Christmas Journal -
        Ideas on how to make for a meaningful Christmas season, original poetry from the makers of Papemelroti, inspiring quotes, a garland project, and trivia.

Journal no. 1 : Country Journal -
        Our very first journal has a hodge podge of country things - featuring original columns by the Papemelroti artists - Scraps, a trivia corner, Housekeeping tips and Schoolhouse Symbol, Pet Signals, God's word and a journal regular, new products available.


*None of the contents of these journals may be reproduced without the permission of Papemelroti.

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