Our lamps bathe your home in light in a timelessly stylish way. Individually handcrafted with care.  Fresh out of the Papemelroti workshop, our Edison Lamp collection is made exclusively by our artisans!  Each lamp comes with an LED Edison lamp with wooden base. To safeguard the product, a box is included with this item.

These products are not available for shipping. They can only be picked up at the Papemelroti branch of your choice.

Large Dome Edison Lamp

3,998 php

Size 9.5 height x 7 inches diameter 

Box Base Edison Lamp

1,298 php

Small Size

Small Dome Edison Lamp

1,698 php

Small Size

Medium Dome Edison Lamp

2,698 php

Size 8.5 x 6.75 inch diameter inches

Big Dome Edison Lamp

3,698 php

Size 10 x 7.5 inches diameter

Weaver Edison Lamp

2,998 php

Size 11 x 5.75 inch diameter

Jumbo Four Edison Lamp

9,998 php

Size 14.5 inches high, 6.75 inch diameter


Each comes with a box to protect the lamp.