The Papemelroti Guide to Leaf Print T-shirts

Have a unique t-shirt like no other (and get the kids in on this project too!) with this noleaf print design t-shirt fail, all fun technique! (as featured on Home Buddies, Channel 9, December 2002)

Leaves with veins of different shapes
Textile paint, preferably green, blue and yellow
Hard Brush
Popsicle sticks (optional)
Aluminum pan (optional)

General Instructions:

  1. Stir textile paint with popsicle stick (or anything to mix the paint with).
  2. Place a small amount of paint on aluminum pan. Use three colors if you have three colors. 
  3. Apply minimal amount of paint using your brush on the underside of the leaf.  Concentrate paint on the protruding veins and outlines of the leaves.
  4. Press leaf with the paint down on t-shirt (like a stamp!)
  5. Repeat with different leaves and different colors until you are happy with your design.

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