Make your Own Decor

You don't have to spend much to make your area festive!  Remember to be thrifty and keep your scraps from your previous projects.  You will save a lot of time and money if you keep extra materials rather than buying all the time.

Christmas Decor
Festive Christmas Ball
Leafy Wreathe 



Festive Christmas Ball

red art paper

General Instructions:
1. Using the patterns on the right, print it out and trace on paper.  Another option is to trace the bottom of a glass on a piece of paper.  You can use any sized glass depending on how small or how big you want your balls to be.

2. Cut 4 circles neatly - do not show any of the pattern outlines. 

3. Sew 4 circles together (middle line).  Fold the circles so that it becomes 3D.

4. It should look like figure A.  Variation: make these in gold paper.

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Leafy Wreathe

olive green crepe paper
glue gun

General Instructions:
1. Using the pattern on the right, print it out and trace on cardboard paper.  Cut out shape on cardboard.

2. Using the cardboard shape, cut several leaves out of the crepe paper.  Attach a piece of wire around 10" long to the center of the leaf using a glue gun.  The extra wire should stick out from bottom of the leaf.

3. Cut a 5 ft long of wire and cover with strips of crepe so wire doesn't show.

4. Attach the cut out leaves onto the length of wire by twisting the wire.  Attach as many leaves as you can so the whole wreathe will be full of leaves.

5. Bend the wire with the leaves attached into a circular shape to make a wreathe and twist the two ends together to make a knot with hanger.

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