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Category Keyword Category Title Category Description
WONDERFUL Have a Wonderful Life Everyday good things to do to add more joy to life
LOVE Love Thoughts Love thoughts to inspire you and your loved ones
MPRAYER Mealtime Prayers A collection of mealtime prayers
PPRAYER Personal Prayers A collection of personal prayers for any time of the day
PTIME Personal Time Uplifting ideas to chase your blues or blahs away
DPRAYER Today's Prayer Psalms, scripture passages, and quotes for reflection and prayer
QUERY Query? "Know thyself" - thought-provoking questions for everyone
REMEMBER Things to Remember Inspirational/motivational quotes to guide your day
ADVICE Today's Advice Everyday wisdom for everyone
WISDOM Words of Wisdom Words to inspire you on your road to success
FRIEND You're My Friend Friendship thoughts, plus fun ideas to do together with friends

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SMS Text Picture Message MMS Card
DOWNLOAD PTXT <category>
TPIC <category>
MPIC <category>
TPIC ON <category>
MPIC ON <category>
SEND-TO-A-FRIEND PTXT <category> <11-digit-dest. phone #>
ex. PTXT QUERY 09201234567
TPIC <category> <11-digit-dest. phone #>
ex. TPIC MPRAYER 09201234567
MPIC <category> <11-digit-dest. phone #>
ex. MPIC FRIEND 09201234567

Send to 356 for Smart or to 2269 for Globe and Sun Cellular

*Subscribe to get Thought Cards on your phone regularly, daily for SMS Text version and weekly for Picture Message and MMS Card versions.

**Sending is possible only to destination numbers within your phone's home network (i.e., Smart-to-Smart, Globe-to-Globe and Sun-to-Sun only).  Cross network sending is not available.  Contents are delivered randomly.  Text PTC HELP for other details.

Rates per download:

Version Smart Globe Sun Cellular
SMS Text P2.50 P2.50 P2.00
Picture Message P15.00 P15.00 P15.00
MMS Card P15.00 P20.00 P15.00

Other Papemelroti Contents
See other Papemelroti contents at the AllegroMedia WAP sites.  On your WAP-capable phones, bookmark and visit the following: - for Globe Subscribers - for SunCellular Subscribers

Papemelroti contents are available under the following categories:

Animated Cards n Pics > Papemelroti
Color Wallpapers > Papemelroti
Themes Nokia S60 > N6600 > Papemelroti Always Remember

You will find a lot of other fun downloads on the site.  The AllegroMedia WAP site for Smart is coming soon.

AllegroMedia Musical Cards
Download, subscribe or Send-to-a-Friend these sweet, truly unique and expressive musical cards from AllegroMedia Greetings, featuring the Papemelroti Love Card collection.  *For MMS phones only*

To download, text MCARD <kword>
To subscribe, text MCARD ON
To get list of available content keywords, text MCARD LIST
To get details, text MCARD HELP

Send to 356 for Smart or 2269 for Globe and Sun Cellular.


Pick from our fun selection of greetings and wallpaper for your cellphone!
See download instructions below!

Click these categories to pick your theme:
Friendship Wallpaper
Love Cards
Godly Inspirations
Things to Remember
Easter Cards
Easter Wallpaper
Valentine Cards

Friendship Wallpaper 

friendscolorlife.jpg (4915 bytes)

friendshipjoy.jpg (3170 bytes)
friendsmakegarden.jpg (3095 bytes)
friendsrheaven.jpg (4279 bytes)
friendstogether.jpg (4776 bytes)
memoriesrflowers.jpg (3881 bytes)
quitelikeyou.jpg (3897 bytes)
seedsofkindness.jpg (3783 bytes)
spreadfriendship.jpg (6112 bytes)
wonderfulperson.jpg (3890 bytes)

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Papemelroti Wallpaper Download Instructions for Nokia 7250
(and other Series 40 Nokia phones)

  1. To connect to myGlobe GPRS, go to Menu  Services Home
  2. On the main page, scroll to the Colored Wallpaper link under Multimedia (or MMS), to open the link press Options  Open link
  3. On the new page, open the Papemelroti link and wait a few seconds for the category page to load.
  4. Open the link for the selected category (currently "Love"). The next page will display the titles for the wallpaper.
  5. Open the link of the selected title and wait a few seconds for the image preview and download details page to load.
  6. On the preview page, scroll down to the Download link, then press Options  Open link. Wait for the "Image Received" message page to load on the screen.
  7. When the "Image Received" appears, press Options  Save Image. Select a folder where to save the image. A message will display verifying that the download was successful and the image was saved in the selected folder.

Important Note:You will receive an SMS message, which also confirms the download, and may come during the period of waiting for the "Image Received" message (Step 6) to load on your screen. Do not quit your WAP browser until you get the "Image Received" message, and the image has been saved (Step 7). You can view the SMS message thereafter.

To Retry Download:

  1. Reconnect to myGlobe GPRS and go back to the Papemelroti page, from the Colored Wallpapers link
  2. Open the Retry Download link. The next page will display the titles of the attempted downloads over the last 24 hrs.
  3. Repeat steps 4 to 7 of the download instructions above.

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