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mother plaques

You are a Blessing Mother Desk Plaques

Remind your mother how loved she is every day with this durable metal wall decor.  You can order this in any color.

Item Code: 960  Medium Desk Plaque

Size 10 height x 17 length, 1.2 mm thickness inches, 70g

₱259 each

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Small Desk Plaque

Size 4 3/4 height x 3 1/8 length inches, 50g

Item Code: 987 


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mother desk plaque

Mother's Heart Desk Plaque

Words that uplift are always a welcome sight.  With the words  inchesThe mother's heart is the child's schoolroom inches.  Remind your mother how loved she is every day with this durable wooden desk standee. 

Size 4 3/4 height x 3 1/8 length inches, 50g

Item Code: 987  


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mother bag

Mother Canvas Bag

Canvas bag with black ink design.  Words: A mother is a forever friend. A mother's love is the heart of the home.  A garden of love blooms in a mother's heart. Designed by Papemelroti artists.  

Size 18 inches (length) x 22 inches(height including handle), 12.5 inches (height not including handle), 120g.

Item Code: 213-5


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mother picture frame gift

Mothers are God's Special People Picture Frame

An inspiring desk standee accessory for living or bedroom.  With herb and butterfly design and bible verse to give you a grateful heart!  Made of durable resin with acetate protection for the picture. 

Size 5 3/8 inches height x 5 inches length x 5/8 inches width, 230g.  (Picture is not included)

Item Code: 148-368  


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mother greeting card

Mother Greeting Card

Made of 100% recycled paper.  Inside it reads  inchesYou're so special to me and I thank God for the wonderful blessing that you are to me.  I love you! inches

See most current designs

Size 5.5 x 4.25 inches

Item Code: 9010-246 

mother tumbler

Mother Tumbler

Full color design with words "Mothers are the flowers in the garden of life."

Item Code: 321-1-18  


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mothers day gift philippines scroll stand award plaque

Mom So Gentle Desk Plaque

Your mother has cared for you since the day you were born.  This special award plaque is a wonderful reminder for mom.  She will always how special she is to you!  Individually handcrafted with care.  Made of durable resin.

Size 98mm x 80mm, 50g

Item Code: 1-1245  


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mother decoupage plaque

World's Greatest Mother Decoupage Plaque

Full color design with inspiring words for every wonderful mom.  Made with recycled pinewood border. 

Size 12 1/8 inches x 8 1/8 inches, 1/2 inches thickness.  300g.

Item Code: 990-20 

Click on the image to read the words.


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mother metal

We Love you Mommy Metal Wall Decor

A constant loving reminder for your special Mom.  Made of steel metal.  Fuschia color.

Size 10 inches x 18 inches

Item Code: 6-1339  


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mother coaster
Floral Mother Coaster
mother coaster
A Mother's Love Coaster

mother coaster
World's Greatest Mother Coaster

mother coaster
Mother and Child Coaster

mother coaster
Blessed Mother Coaster
useful gift for mother

 Mom Glass Coasters

Give a gift she can use for always.  She'll remember you every time she rests her drink. 

Original Papemelroti designs by various artists.  A beautiful as a decor item too!   Display with our metal stands.

Size 4 x 4 x 1/4 inches 150g

Item Code: 281-1 


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mommies are angels of love wall decor

Mommies are Angels of Love Wall Decor

Floral arrangements and figurines in a hanging ensemble.  Individually hand-assembled with care.

Size 20 inches x 4.25 inches, 400g

Item Code: 131-17


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flower gifts

Flower Festival for Mom

Get your bouquet for mom in all shapes and sizes!

Click here to view the types of floral arrangements available.

Available at selected branches.

mother glass scroll

No. 1 Mother Glass Scroll

Give your mother an  inchesaward-like inches gift to celebrate her excellence in motherhood!  Torn edge border effect.  Glass stands on an attached wooden base.

Size 6.5 inches high x 5 inches x 2 inches, 310g


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mother clock

Mother Wall Clock

With a unique full color Papemelroti design.  Your mother will surely love the words  inchesThe loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother inches

Made of MDF (multi-density fiberboard) or recycled wood. 

Size 7.5 inches x 7.5 inches, 170g

Item Code: 1055-15 


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Mother Scrapbook

Mother Scrapbook with Rubber Letters

Personalize where mom keeps her memories with this photo cover album.  Add these fine rubber letters (her name will also do).  Made of 100% recycled paper.

Item Code: 215-299-86 


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mother paper pack

World's Greatest Mother

Inspiring sayings that will surely delight any mother.  Comes in assorted box designs.

Click here to view more sayings

Made of 100% unbleached recycled paper.  With sheets inside with size 2.5 inchesx2.5 inches. Encased in sturdy kraft box.  Click here to choose box cover design

Size 3 inches x 3 inches pack of 47 cards, 75g

Item Code: 15-18-3 


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happy mother

Happy Mother with Kids

Cute figurine that portrays the joys of motherhood.  Stylized form made by papemelroti.  Made of durable resin.

Item Code: 1-1150


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mother button pins

Mother Button Pins

Simply the best way to describe mom is written on this magnet.  Remind her everyday how well she is loved!  Exclusively designed for Papemelroti.   

This can be pinned unto a dainty hat or bag. Made of metal with a sealed-in design in front.

Size 2 3/4 inches diameter, 20g. 


See our other designs here

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mother figurine

Mothers are God's Very Special People Figurine

An award for your very own ever-loving mom!  Made of durable resin.  Number 1 star coiled on a spring hovers over the figurine.  Individually hand-painted.

Item Code: 1-579  


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mother figurine

You're the Greatest Figurine 

Made of durable resin.  Individually hand-painted.

Size 3 3/8 inches x 2 7/16 inches x 2 7/16 inches, 180g

Item Code: 1-1142  


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frankincense holy water from the holy land

Memorabilia from the Holy Land

Remember the way of the Lord through genuine articles of Frankincense, blessed water, oil, candles from the Israel.


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mom coaster

Mom Deco Coaster

This product is available in various designs.  Use as matching coasters or collectible decorative plaque.  Made of durable resin.

Size 3 5/8 x 3 5/8 x 3/16 inches, 100g

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1 MOM Happy People Figurine

With springing heart and gold crown, make your mom feel like a winner!  Made of durable resin.

Size 5.5 inches h (not including heart) x 2.5 inches, 290g

Item Code: 1-654  


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see our Happy People Collection

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Pillow Quote: The World's Greatest Mother Sleeps Here Pillowcase

Bright pink and violet print.  (pillow not included)  Comes rolled in clear plastic and kraft brown tag.

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Size 28 inches x 17.75 inches, 80g

Item Code: 213-48 



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mother gift novelty cute item philippines

Mom is Best Spiral Memo Clip Holder

Your mom can use this as a photo or note holder.  Put an affectionate letter to mom on her special day!  One side says  inchesI Love You inches, another side says,  inchesYou're No. 1 inches.  Another side says,  inchesMom is Best! inches and the last side has a big heart.  Individually hand-painted.  Made of durable resin.

Size 113mm x 32mm x 32mm, 50g

Item Code: 1-909 



Mom Memo Spiral Clip Holder

Mom Spiral Memo Clip Holder

Your mom can use this as a photo or note holder.  Put an affectionate letter to mom on her special day!  Individually hand-painted.  Made of durable resin.

Size 113mm x 23mm x 25mm, 25g

Item Code: 1-906  


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mom keychain

Mother Keychain

Words on full color design reads  inchesLove is another name for Mother inches. 

Made of clear plastic holders and metal rings.  Full color printing with sharp images.

Size of case is 2.25 inches x 1.5 inches, ring diameter is 1 inches, weight is 20g each.

‎₱49 each

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mom magnet

Inspirational Mother Magnet Designs

Remind mother of how wonderful life can be with our Mother magnet designs.  Made of MDF (recycled wood) material.   

See other designs that can be personalized here

Size 2.5 x 2.5 inches, 1/8 inches thickness, 15g.

Item Code: 966-1


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