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Payment Information

*We accept credit card payments securely through Paypal.   We will give you the payment details when you order.   You may also pay us through bank transfer (check your local bank for transmittal rates).  Do not send cash or your credit card information through e-mail.  We will send you the items when your order is fully paid.

For orders within the Philippines, we also accept payments through our Metro Manila branches, BPI bank deposit and G-cash.  Be sure to send us the details of your order so we can give you more payment information.   We also accept check payments and will release items when check clears.

For orders outside the Philippines, payment options include credit card payments via Paypal and bank transfer.  Be sure to send us the details of your order so we can give you more payment information.  We also accept check payments and will release items when check clears.

Regarding check payments:  You may also send us a crossed check payable to Korben Corporation.  To make a crossed check, make two diagonal lines //on the top left corner of the check.  This indicates that this check can only be deposited and not encashed.   Take note that checks from the US take at least 2 months to clear. 

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