Our Mission Statement


Hands to Work, Hearts to God

At Papemelroti, we desire to…

…serve and glorify God through our work.
…use our God-given gifts to offer our customers quality items that encourage and inspire.
…share our commitment to God, family, country & environment and our appreciation of craftsmanship and tradition.
…be witnesses of Christ to all we meet.

We aim to be good servants of the Lord through our work.  Daily, we desire to...

...make use of our God-given talents and skills to produce and present to our customers quality items that help encourage, uplift, inspire, as well as bring warmth and beauty to our homes as places of rest.

...reflect in our work, respect for craftsmanship, appreciation of traditions, and deep commitment to God, family, home, country and to caring for the environment.

...have good relationships with our customers, co-workers, and suppliers being witnesses of Christ to one another.

work efficiently, cheerfully and honestly, realizing the dignity of our work, no matter how simple our jobs are, that our work place may be where we will be able to give glory to God in thanksgiving for His goodness to us.


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