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FAQs about PPP

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Papemelroti is committed to preserving the environment through the use of 100% unbleached recycled paper for our stationery and re-used pinewood for our furniture.  We also want to spread the word via our Social Action Subscriber Listing (Just e-mail with "SUBSCRIBE SOCIAL ACTION" on subject line!) and earth-friendly events we promote in our shops.


We use recycled paper for our stationery and paper products because using a ton of recycled paper instead of white paper saves 24 trees!  We also go for the unbleached kraft brown look, not just for the warm, earthy look it has, but because by using this, there are no harmful chemicals that permeate to the environment, unlike that of bleaching white paper.


We also develop products that help us discover the value and beauty of our Philippine indigenous plants and animals like the Philippine Wildlife Adventure Game and Super Earth Saver Book.


Papemelroti does not use shells, capiz and corals as these are used by sea microorganisms for their habitat.  Instead we mold the shapes for reproduction for our products.


Ultimately, saving our trees, forests and marinelife will save humanity as all our food, water, livelihood, medicine, and shelter come from the environment. 


We hope that every Filipino will be conscious of conserving the precious resources we still have and pass this on to the future generations.


What is PPP or Papemelroti Planet Patrol?

It is a club that promotes awareness on different environment protection issues like waste disposal, recycling, endangered animals, power and water conservation and others.

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How did PPP start?

The club started in 1990 when people started to respond to one of the journals we send to our customers.  It was meant initially to just let people know how important it is to conserve our natural  resources, but since many letters came in, it was decided that a club be formed.


What is the PPP motto?

"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have."  This means that whoever you are, whether young or old; wherever you are, in the city or countryside; whether you have a lot of resources or not, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in saving our planet!  It doesn't matter if what you can do is to invent a machine to reuse plastic or just simply throw your garbage in the proper place, it is all very important!

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What do we do?  What does it mean to be a PPP officer?  

PPP officers communicate through the mail.  Thus, there are no meetings (since we have members from different provinces).  Although you may be called upon for special projects.


Our first project was to collate the addresses and contact numbers of junkshops and recycling centers which we could use to know where we could bring all our recycleable paper, metal scraps, wood, and bottles.  For our list click here.


Other activities include participation in the International Coastal Cleanup initiated by the International Marinelife Alliance group every year.  Papemelroti distributed Data Cards for the cleanup.


Each PPP officer has his own ID and encouraged to write what he is doing for the environment.  In turn for these, the Planet Patrol headquarters sends PPP Posts which have articles, quizzes and games, & news on what other PPP officers have done.


PPP updates and activities by individual PPP members are included in Papemelroti Journals which one can get at all Papemelroti branches for free.  Our Papemelroti E-Mail Newsletter also carries environment news from time to time.  One can also look at the PPP Projects Bulletin Board found at every Papemelroti branch for new activities.


For PPP officers who'd like to meet other PPP officers, there is a Friendship List which has the name, age and addresses of other PPP'ers wanting to correspond with each other.


We encourage everyone, PPP officer or not, to participate in our Earth Forum, our message board for everyone to contribute ideas in saving our environment.  Click here to go to our Earth Forum.


Click here for current Projects

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How do I become a member of PPP?

At the moment, our membership has reached its limit - we're already about 800 across the nation - with a handful abroad.   But everybody who wants to join shouldn't be discouraged.  Everybody IS, in essence, a Planet Patroller since we all have the responsibility to care for this world that God has given us, plus all PPP activities and publications are open to the public so everybody can really join in and take part in all PPP does.

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