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Franchising Papemelroti
March 2, 2016

One of the common questions resellers ask is about franchising. They want the whole package, not just the products.  They want to have the Papemelroti name on their shop.

Sometimes we come across reports of a "Papemelroti Bataan" and they send us pictures of a store with huge signage copying our trademark logo and typography.  We also found out that the store didn't even carry our products.  This is definitely an unlawful use of Papemelroti's name.

Not everyone is aware that Papemelroti is a copyrighted brand and we are not allowing even our resellers to use it in their shops and websites.

Due to the insistent demand of the buyers to have the look and feel of Papemelroti, we researched, discussed, met with franchise specialists, and basically did our homework in checking out whether we feel it is a viable option for our present distributors. 

We scrunched numbers and our conclusion for now is that it is not the right time yet.  Among other factors we would need to expand our production capabilities, training system and logistics operations.  We know now that, in the best interest of our distributors, we have a long way to go in term of franchising.


The Giant Business Leap
January 8, 2016

Building a business isn't easy and everyone knows it.  You need to be dedicated, hard-working and tenacious. 

One quality that Papemelroti president Benny Alejandro always attributes to his wife and founder of the business Socorro Alejandro is that she had "stick-to-it-tiveness" and he says that this quality is a big part of why the business is what it is today.

Socorro had a dream and she had it for a while before making the giant leap.  She wasn't trained, nor experienced but she wanted it to happen. With prayer and perseverance, the business was born.

Businesses rise and fall everyday but what made this business keep on keeping on until close to half a century?  Read on...

To continue to thrive, a business leader must make the right decisions - every day.  How could a simple housewife make it in the retail business with no background in business?  She based her decisions on the right principles.

She started small. Socorro wasn't a big spender.  She was a smart saver and she knew how to spot good deals.  She didn't hire too many people or spend on a fancy office when she began. She used her resources wisely.

She wanted to do the right thing.  She knew that her business practices would make or break her business.  How she treated her employees, serve customers, make quality items - all of these would have to be done with love and care.

She learned from her mistakes. She was one to admit if she was not able to make the right decision.  She would listen to people's ideas on how to do it better next time too!

She was innovative. She always allowed people to suggest new and better ways to do things - even if this meant changing the ways she did them.

She involved talented people.  She valued people and their capabilities and was never short on praise for those who shone in their work.

She believed in miracles.  She had strong faith in God and that He would be guiding her in all the decisions she had to make.

There are more good traits that we have seen in Socorro but too many to mention.  Her example shows us that one's character has a lot to do with business success.




Keeping the Peace
November 27, 2015

If you're like us, you want to have a stress-free environment at work and despite all the challenges managing a business entails, there are several ways you can keep the peace.

Doing these steps will ensure that you can have a healthier, more relaxed work environment.  The more of these factors you have, the better.

  • Get a headstart by starting work early.  Avoid traffic stress and be in a good mood!

  • Sometimes we need to be reminded to actually take a break.  Regular breaks increase productivity so ... take it.  During a break, get away from the computer and rest your eyes.  Turn off the lights and also the volume, to just unwind. 

  • Have regular (but not necessarily often) team meetings to check how people are going.  If you're the team lead, ask the right questions so you would have an accurate feel of where everyone is.  Some may be at their wit's end and would need encouragement.  Others may need more tips on how to do the work more efficiently.

  • If you can, create a relaxing atmosphere around your work area.  Put photos of your favorite people or memories.  Play soothing music if your co-workers are amenable.

  • Some companies employ furry friends to keep stress levels down.  Kitties and pups may be seen as a nuisance but studies prove that they help make the work more fun and relaxing.

  • Keep the peace between co-workers.  Having grudges in the workplace sabotage productivity.

  • Learn how to say no.  If you're over-committed, the customers will suffer.  Know your limits and ask for help.

  • For more tips, get the new Papemelroti "Refresh Wall Calendar" that has proven ways to calm down in 10 minutes or less.



Be an Eco-friendly Shop!
October 27, 2015

Papemelroti was granted the SM Green Retail Award, a prestigious award during the last SM Partners Summit.  The award recognizes companies who have taken the lead in implementing business practices that are sustainable and ecologically sound.  We believe that during times like these when we experience the El Niņo phenomenon, multiple instances of flooding nationwide, extinction of different species due to habitat destruction and such, each and every business must strive to have a very minimal carbon footprint.

Pope Francis in his encyclical on the environment said, "we need a conversation which includes everyone, since the environmental challenge we are undergoing, and its human roots, concern and affect us all."

Indeed it is a good time to take stock of how our business promotes a healthy planet for the future generations.

  1. Do you still use plastic bags in packaging your customers?  Oftentimes we rely heavily on plastic to keep our goods damage free.  In cases where you cannot do away with plastic or are still saving to use recyclable plastic materials, make sure you accept returns so the plastic can be used again.

  2. What do you do with used paper?  Paper can be recycled in numerous ways.  These can be shredded and used as packing materials. These can be used for writing on if the other side is still blank.  These can be given to junk shops and recycling centers to be exchanged for cash!

  3. Ever thought of installing solar panels on your rooftops?  These are increasingly easier to purchase and it will save you a lot of money too!

  4. Do you use rechargeable batteries for your appliances?

  5. Do you share with customers the importance of conservation through the choice of merchandise you sell?  For example, do you include products that have shells, ivory and the like?

  6. Do you participate in the annual lights out Earth Hour event?

  7. We're sure you're doing this so this is just a reminder - do you save on water and electricity? 

  8. Do you segregate your garbage?  Do you properly dispose the garbage and recycle as much as you possibly can?

  9. When you have company events, do you still use the releasing of balloons into the sky?  These are found to cause sea turtles and other marine creatures to get poisoned because the balloon end up in the sea and look like jellyfish.

  10. Does your company participate in tree-planting events and other projects for positive change in the environment?

  11. Since you resell Papemelroti products, you are doing the earth a lot of good!  If you're distributing paper products, these are 100% recycled paper!  Most of the white paper you see around are bleached, therefore harsh chemicals were released into the environment during manufacturing.  It goes without saying that we save on trees every time we recycle paper and we help have cleaner air when we have more trees!  We also use recycled wood from freight crates for our wooden products!

We are sure you can think of more ways to make our world a much more cleaner, greener, safer and more bountiful place to be in for now and for generations to come!



Shoplift-Proof Your Shop
October 1, 2015

What do you do when someone is caught pilfering your merchandise? Shops do need to attend to this concern, specially during the "BER" months. (Gangstas need gifts too!)

  1. DISPLAY  How you display your items matters a lot! If you put small items in tucked away areas, it's already a clear invitation for thieves to pocket them.  Make sure you put expensive jewelry or watches inside glass cabinets as these are usually the ones they go for.

  2. To protect your wares, why not install a CCTV? Here are some sources of software that are totally free.  Make sure to put a sign that says something like "This area is under video surveillance."

  3. Be very careful in accusing customers of shoplifting.  You must be 100% certain of this because if you're wrong, the customer may be traumatized and would never want to visit your shop again.

  4. Train your personnel on how to spot a thief. Here are some tips from Lightspeed:
    - Don't think they all dress shabbily. Some of them look like celebrities and fashionistas. Some of them are actually well-to-do but just do it for thrill-seeking.
    - Be wary of people who avoid eye contact.
    - Lurking in corners where they're not easily seen
    - Wearing big, oversized coats and clothing

If ever you catch a thief, hand him over to the authorities so he can possible make amends for his crime. 

We do hope you have a very successful and blessed season, not just for your business but for your families' celebration of Advent and Christmas!  God bless you!



Prepping for Christmas on a Budget
September 1, 2015

September is when retailers get ready for the biggest event of the year - Christmas!  By this time, you should have completed your Christmas stocks and already getting your concept up and running.

Christmas is all about celebrating the best in life - specially that our Lord Jesus coming to be with us out of His great love for us!  Our faith, our families, our friends bring us home during this season. Consequently, these themes should also be prevalent in your shop.

Customers also love the special magic that stores bring to the season.  Feeling the ambience present while shopping is part of the whole experience.

How do we convey that warm and welcoming feel to our customers? What if I'm on a budget during this season?

Here are some tips in dressing up your shop (or site) in a cost-effective way:

  1. Lights are an instant brighter-upper. You can repair old ones by replacing the lights too! If your shopfront is outside, you can save on electricity by getting some solar lights. (we got some recently from HMR).

  2. Christmas music makes a big difference in bringing Christmas cheer.  No melancholy tunes that sometimes brings on the blues!  Choose upbeat music that isn't too cheesy. 

  3. Being eco-friendly means big savings too!  What materials do you have in hand?  A good example of this is that sometimes you find fiesta buntings decorated with shiny punched out paper from a nearby factory. Get resourceful. Have a lot of paper?  Make origami.  Scrap cloth?  Make ribbons!  Whatever you have can be put to good use.

  4. Dressing up a Christmas website also is a great way to bring on the Christmas spirit!  Put some friendly graphics, falling snow, a countdown to the 25th, freebies, discounts and promos!  You can also use contests to entice people who normally don't go to your site to check it out.

  5. Flyers are great ways to promote your merchandise and the timing is really important.  You present convenience to the neighbors because they don't have to deal with traffic and parking just to shop. 

  6. Decor can cost a ton so it's time to get creative and make your own holly, wreathe and Christmas tree!  There's a different appeal to handmade creations.  It's a labor of love!  But make sure it's neatly and not shoddily done.

  7. Some more decor ideas: lace paper doilies, cut water bottles into shapes, paper figurines of the holy family...  the ideas are endless!  See our freebie page for ideas

  8. Decorate your shop like it's your own home!  Add the warmth of greeting cards and children's art! 

  9. Display all (and we mean all) of your Christmas merchandise.  They are decoration in themself!  Products like the belen, nativity set, Christmas cards and prayer cards are great as family gifts.

  10. Lastly, excite your buyers by putting sections of discounted items or good value products (ex. P50 for all) so it's easier for them to shop.  Have fun with it!




What Should I Sell to Students?
March 6, 2015

Many customers need help deciding what products to purchase, specially if they are just starting.  Since this is a service we gladly provide, we will share our experience of almost 50 years in the retail industry. 

We will be featuring a product selection for different segments of society.  We first start with young people as they form the majority of the groups.  In particular we want to focus on the "barkadas" (friendship gang) of students that flock to Papemelroti during their free time. 

For students, we have found  that paper products are best - notebooks, stationery, gift wrappers, paper packs, posters etc.  They like the "Today's Advice" series and often use it to find some wisdom for their day (so don't get caught without this product!)

See paper product list here and build a selection of different types for them to choose from:

They also like button pins, magnets (in particular the Round Magnets) , photo frames/greeting plaques, pouches , boodle bottles, survivor kits.

The general rule with young people, as you might have guessed, is that they don't have a lot of money to play around with so they can only afford the products under Php100 / $2.85.  It also depends if you cater to a certain school nearby.  You would need to know what type of students go there to more accurately gauge their product preferences. 

Visit this page again next month!  We will feature more about catering to Teenagers!


teenagers product suggestions

What Should I Sell to Teenagers? Part 2
April 8, 2015

This month we are focusing on teenagers!  Last month we looked at the general preferences of the wide range of school-goers (elementary and up) so this time we mean to talk about those in their teens in particular.

Young people are obviously on the lookout for the most fashionable trends out there.  They want something that looks fresh and unique.  They don't particularly like the antique look though they would consider getting it for their older relatives.

They absolutely love paper products!  Notebooks, stationery, posters etc. are always on their list of must check out products.  See our paper product list here

Button pins and magnets are always attractive to them, probably because of their price range and versatility.  It's good to take note of the schools around your area and order specifically for them. 

They are also interested in the scrapbooks.  The boxes are also good for them and shoeboxes are sometimes required in schools. 

Teens have a limited budget so your items should have a purpose for them.  They would need corkboards, magnet boards, paperweights and other things they can put in their room. 

They also can have a frivolous side so get them the latest styles of the boodle bottles!


What Should I Sell to Young Women Professionals? Part 3
May 1, 2015

A lot of the messages we receive from customers start out like this "Dear Papemelroti, I've gone to your shops way back since I was in elementary school.  Now that I'm already working, I still love visiting your stores!"

It's no surprise then that the selection of products have grown along with our buyers!  A good number of our new product lines have been born out of their suggestions and feedback. 

Young women professionals comprise a significant percentage of our clientele.  They are a selective group and in their own way, a trendsetter as well.  Here are some of their top pick items:

Eyeglass holders, jewelry and jewelry holders, wall clocks and desk clocks, keychains, bags and pouches.  They like functional items like boxes, coin banks and paperweights too.

They are also in the market for giveaways as many of them will experience life changes during this time.


What Should I Sell to Mature Women?  Part 4
May 28, 2015

Women in their 30s and up are very valuable to us, more so because many of them have been with our business since they were teens.  They've evolved into moms and established career women and their standards are high.

They have a variety of lifestyle needs like some of them are stay at home housewives while others work in the corporate world.  Both love our jewelry!

They are also more able to afford premium items like clocks and kitchen decor (specially to homemakers).

They will have more events and milestones so they will need corporate giveaways and party tokens.

Another popular product line with them are the scrapbooks, as well as bags and wallets.

More products they watch out for are our deco plaque coasters Sprinkle Bathroom Decor, and paper packs.

We must also provide gifts for them (to be given to them by their loved ones) like Glass Scrolls with World's Greatest Mother and also occupation themes.


What Products are Best for Men? Part 5
July 1, 2015

Papemelroti buyers will find a whole range of unique products for men.  You won't find these just anywhere and they are handmade and homegrown too!

First off we suggest the metal wall and desk items.  Magnet boards, inspirational words and perpetual calendars are also good buys.  We also have t-shirts in Filipiniana themes that you can purchase.

Clocks are really popular items for men too.  The travel themed deco posters are also available as clocks and are really appreciated by men.  For small items, get them the keychains in manly styles.

Wire and metal replicas of kalesas and bicycles are quite in demand for men.

Award plaques and photo frames are good for honoring special men.  Tic tac toe sets are also great gift ideas for men!

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Shipping Do's and Don'ts
January 22, 2015

Korben Corporation, (Tradename: Papemelroti) is now on it's 48th year!  This business has touched the lives of so many and has provided livelihood for a good number of distributors across the globe!

We plan to make everything better for you this 2015, our valued Resellers!  We know that a major chunk of the expenses you incur comes from the shipping costs.  In so doing, we want to help you make better decisions in the future shipments you will be ordering.

  1. Order in bulk.  When purchasing for resale, it's best to buy a whole box instead of a small package.  Why?  We would like to think that our products will make a positive impact with your customers.  Since our items are usually small and inexpensive, they won't be noticeable if you just buy a few pieces.  Not to mention the cost of transporting a few items and a big box - you save more on shipping more.  You can also get a significant reduction on your overhead costs if you purchase in bulk.

  2. Using standard mail.  Philpost Registered Mail is usually the go-to service for the lowest rates but we suggest you only choose this option for non-rush shipments.  They are not able to deliver on a reliable rate.

  3. Automated shipping.  Unlike other companies that give only one or two shipping options, we are not yet automated and need to calculate shipping per customer.  This may seem inconvenient but we assure you it's the best way for now as we are still able to ensure flexible options for you.  You can choose whichever courier you prefer. 

  4. Best products for shipping.  The farther you are from us, the higher your shipping costs.  We know that! In general, we suggest that you pick products that will have a higher return but are lightweight and not bulky.  Go with our jewelry and our stationery which maintain their popularity at our shops.

  5. Returns and Damages.  We will accept returns only if merchandise is defective, and only with our prior authorization. Shortage/ damage claims are to be made within 3 days of receiving the merchandise.


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Christmas Decoration Tips
October 28, 2014

We've come into the busiest AND most magical time of the year.  Christmas is the best time for retailers to showcase their wares and serve people their all-time urgent season's need for gifts.

How do you display your items to maximize their impact?  Over the years we've discovered some ways were more effective than others.  Here are some tips.

  1. No to the Firing Range and Grocery Lineup - You've seen this before.  Products all standing in a row as if they were soldiers or worse yet, targets!  Grocery shelves illustrate this even better.  Papemelroti items do not look well displayed this way.  Each of the figurines have a certain style and are individually handcrafted with care so it does not look appealing to have the same exact product all lined up in large quantities.  It is much better if you put them in coordinated groups.  These are products that look well together and have a similar purpose.

  2. Variety works well - People like to imagine the products in their homes and how it would look there.  They would remember the feelings your display evokes and would aspire to have this same feelings right in the comfort of their rooms.  Check your display.  Does it look like the products could be put together and it all kind of "belongs"?  Or does it look monotonous.  Check if you have a mix of materials.  You don't have to have everything match in color but they must have a harmony to their look.  Experiment and see what gives you that pleasant, relaxed feeling.

  3. Picture perfect - If you love taking pictures, you'll be familiar with this principle.  The products are also, in a way, "posing" for the customers.  They are best seen with varying heights as to add interest.  There are products that are taller in the back.  Some are in the middle section and the shortest ones in front.  This will prevent large sections of blank spaces and also the "firing range" effect with everything standing at the same height.

  4. Groupings - Organized eyes tend to put items equidistant from each other but this strategy doesn't work well for Papemelroti products.  You must place them in "groups" of 3 or 4 as if they are having a group huddle.  They look cozier that way.  Products also have a personality so don't leave them "friendless" on the shelf.  Place them near each other (so they have someone to talk to!"

  5. Put some "magic"! - You want them to say "wow" and "aaahhh" when they see your shop.  Try to deviate from the regular Christmas decor you buy at the stores as you will surely have other shops that will look like you do!  Have a facade that gives that feeling of wonder and awe in your decorations.

  6. What's it all about - Christmas is all about Christ!  We at Papemelroti love to remind passersby of this as this is the reason for the season!  We like to put the mangers and nativity scenes in the most prominent places.  Jesus came to be our Emmanuel (God with us) and our Saviour!  Let's share this precious gift with everyone during this season!

We hope these tips help you in preparing for the season.  Let us know if you want us to feature other tips here.  For feedback, suggestions and comments, you may write below or send us a message at:


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papemelroti zamboanga distributor Distributor Spotlight: Sorellaventures
February 10, 201

In Zamboanga?  Check out Sorella Ventures
at Shop Surplus, Pilar Street fronting Penong's, Zamboanga City 7000
Instagram: @sorellaventures
Telephone Numbers: 926-47-21  |  Cell No.: 0932-866-4864
Contact Person: Steph Hung
Products: Papemelroti Products available in your shop: stationery, writing pads, notepads, posters, greeting cards, notebooks, book of days, scrapbooks, wall decors, wired words, drawer boxes, compartment boxes, desk organizers, assorted storage boxes, coin banks, magnets, survivor kits, magnet boards, paper trays, cellphone holder, note holder, file boxes, wooden letters, kraft folders, vintage decors, kraft cuts, zipper pouches, clipboards, pocket planners, wall calendar, booklets, bookends, katcha bags, desk decors

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Distributor Spotlight: Noteworthie
December 3, 2014

If you're based in Malaysia, Papemelroti products are only a few clicks away.  Visit the Noteworthie Gifts online store and see how what the customers are saying about the products.

They've got the latest wall calendars and pocket planners available!

Thank you Noteworthie team for showcasing Papemelroti products in an excellent way! 

Here's what Noteworthie buyers have been saying:

"I bought this for my sweetheart. He totally love it. The idea of starting the year, the month, the week and the day with positive thoughts are really energizing. I had been purchasing many other stuff as well and so far I am really pleased with all the products and the fast service as well. :) " - Ummul N.

"The quotes are meaningful. They motivate me, teach me and change me. I love it very much." - Choong Y.

"i purchase this 2015 pocket calender because it look cute in the website turns out it really look cute, elegent and lovely to give it as give to my friend and also my self. I will definitely come to buy other products." - Siti N.

Want to be featured here?  Just send 2 pictures of your shop or website to us with the latest updates on your business at


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