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Party Themed Craft Cutting

Party Time!

Ever wanted to have a themed party with coordinated decor, place settings and gifts but you were on a budget? party theme

Need motivation to develop your creativity and craft skills but can only do it when the occasion calls for it?

Have some time on your hands and want to learn a new skill?

Even start your own party business?

Here's how to start! 

With our Craft Cuts collection, you can develop a dozen or more themes without breaking the budget nor harming the environment as well!  Click on the image to enlarge and view the different things you can make for your party setup!

Our 100% recycled Craft Cuts are handy, easy to use and come in a wide variety of designs for all occasions.  The set displayed above makes use of the craft cut design #9028-4 with words such as "Celebrate this day".

Paper Bag

To make the simple yet stylishly decorated kraft paper bag, source the bag from book stores and packaging supply companies.  Choose an oval shape from the Craft Cut design where you can put your picture.  If you want to make several bags, photocopy the pictures first.  Make sure not to throw away the oval shape since that can be made into the other projects as well.

You also want to have something to add a soft touch to the design.  Secure with a glue gun, white glue or double sided tape.  Add some dried flowers, twigs or leaves to the side of the picture craft cut frame and you're done!

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Cologne Tag

To make your fragrances have a special look and feel, add a Craft Cut tag with an inspiring message.  The sample we made reads "Life is a garden".   You may choose a different saying.  Make sure the ribbon color you choose blends well with the design of your Craft Cut.  Add a small dried twig for an organic effect.

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Party Decor

You will need Craft Cuts, string, wire and pictures for this cheery mobile decor.  Cut shapes you want for your mobile and attach your pictures.  Cut a strip of design from the Craft Cut to make the top portion of your mobile.  Tie a wire shape to this so you can hang this as your decor.  (See image at right).

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Name Plate

Cut a strip about 10" long x 1.5" wide.  Snip a portion of the top so you can slip the name on top (see image above).  You can use rubber stamps for the letters or hand-letter it.  You may also use colored art paper to put more color and use layers to add more color to the project.

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Napkin Holder

Cut a strip about 7" long x 1.5" wide.  Decorate with a quotation and dried twig (like the sample above).  Use napkins that have colors matching the theme too!

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Gift Tag

Choose one of the designs on the Craft Cuts that will have a size that will not be too large for the gift box. 

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Cut a 4" x 4" size of construction paper.  Choose a small Craft Cut box and include a dried flower and/or leaves to decorate.  Laminate to waterproof your coaster!

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This will make a great party token which is both easy to make and beautiful to behold.  You need to cut construction paper (thick enough for a bookmark) -in the size you want for your bookmark.  Cut a smaller size using the Craft Cut designs and center it on the bookmark.  Punch a hole at the top and tie with a matching ribbon!

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