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If you're the kind of dude or dudette who would climb up a tree for a stranded kitten or could be a foster parent to a baby lion cub, you may be a candidate for membership for the My Zoo Foundation.  You can also try volunteering for a day to see if this type of conservation work suits you.  My Zoo aims to improve the quality of our zoos and animal life in general, as well as provide an environment of caring for these animals that give us so much joy.  Call Louie for more information at 6607015 or 0922-486466.  E-mail: or





Good News for the Environment! 



Thanks to your efforts along with other partners across the country, Haribon Foundation has reached the 1 million count for our campaign for a Total Commercial Log Ban and No Mining Policy in Natural Forests!  What they plan to do with those signatures you sent in through Papemelroti branches is to transform those 1 million signatures to 1million hectares of restored forest by year 2020!  Haribon, along with other partners recently had a National Consultation on Rainforestation to start working on plans to reach this goal.


To find out more about this effort, contact Haribon Foundation.  Suites 401-404 Fil-Garcia Tower, Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman QC Tel. Nos.(02) 920-7430, (02) 433-3474, (0927) 760-0092  Website:



International Coastal Cleanup Report

Many people asked me how the cleanup went - it went well!  If you were along Roxas Blvd. that day, September 18, you would have seen Manila Bay lined up with hundreds of people all decked out to clean!  All over the country, people were taking the business of cleaning up coastal garbage into their hands and became part of the solution.  Groups like WWF had 500 people in Dumaguete, several schools like St. Theresa's also participated.  YPNet has earmarked November 5, Saturday for their next waterway Quezon City area.  Join in and see your country be transformed right before your very eyes!  Next year, mark your calendars, 3rd Saturday of September!  Contact YPNET for quarterly cleanups by e-mailing

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Help Preserve Our Water!  Save the La Mesa Dam!

Our source of Metro Manila water is in danger.  Please read the article below and take a stand not only for our last remaining forest in the city but for the safety of our people.

We encourage you to be informed on this issue - see the website and sign the online petition form.  Be knowledgeable as to why saving the environment is "pro-poor" rather than "anti-poor".  Let's be involved in this issue as it involves each and every one of us.  Click to

Signature sheets are also available at Papemelroti branches.  Let's do our share to protect our future.

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Bike Ride for Cleaner Air

Let's all join the Firefly Brigade as they rally to bring the fireflies back to the city by means of biking for cleaner air! 
When: One day every year (usually in April)
Let's get involved, it's our air, it's our city, it's our life!  For more info please text 0917+4629132

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Hands on Manila

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for some worthwhile project but found that the event fell on a busy day, was too far, time-consuming or you felt you weren't qualified for it?  If so, then joining Hands on Manila is the perfect solution for you!

Hands on Manila foundation provides an array of volunteer opportunities you can choose from depending on your availability, location, skill and interest.  They coordinate with charitable institutions and organizations and put together a calendar of events every month so you can plan ahead for which activities you'd like to take part in.

If you enjoy working with children, you can opt to read storybooks for sick kids, prepare fun activities for street children or teach simple computer programs like Word and Excel to high school level students.  If you're a nature lover you can choose to plant trees or care for animals.  There are so many activities to choose from, and the best part is that you would really be a big help in addressing the urgent problems our society faces everyday.

All you have to do is join their volunteer orientation and sign up.   They'll answer all your questions and concerns.  Don't forget to bring all your friends!

Join Hands on Manila and their projects!
Contact Hands on Manila at telephone numbers 843.5231 or
843.7044 or email

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Sign-up at iVolunteer Site!

Let's start the year right and allot some time in our busy schedules to lend a helping hand to organizations that are working for a good cause.  Do you want to do some tree-planting, help feed the poor, tutor streetchildren, house the homeless, or countless other things to bring about a healthier, happier Philippines? 

Click to and see the many volunteer opportunities you can choose from.  Our country's future depends on YOU!

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International Volunteer Opp Sites

Ever get the urge to travel but want to do something worthwhile and not just be a tourist wherever you go?  Or want to have a socially relevant travel experience?  Even get the chance the chance to get funding for your travel expenses in exchange for your service in a cause you believe in? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then is the site for you! It's got links to various organizations worldwide with a multitude of volunteer opportunities you can sign up for! 

Why go abroad when you can volunteer here?  Part of the benefit is the educational exposure you get when working with other groups!  Ultimately this will be a life changing experience for sure!  For a one of a "kind" adventurous person, this is definitely a must see site!  Other sites: and 

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Volunteer Opportunity: Childhope

Ever wanted to give HOPE to the street children but never knew how?  Join Childhope Asia Phils. in their quest to reach out to the kids and provide alternative education opportunities and psychosocial support.  They've been doing this since1994 and assist about 3,000 street kids every year.  To volunteer, contact Mamel Vigo at (632)561-7118.  To donate and other inquiries contact: CHILDHOPE ASIA PHILS 1210 Penafrancia Ext., Paco 1007, Mla. (632) 563-4647, Telefax (632) 563-2242, e-mail: or click to  Information flyers are also available at Papemelroti branches.

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A Shoebox Christmas

Thank you so much to all of you who donated to the Shoebox
Christmas project of Papemelroti!  The gifts of all shapes and sizes,
gift-wrapped with special labels you dropped at our shops gave so
much joy!

Last January 9, 2002, all the gifts were distributed to a roomful of members from the Tahanan ng Panginoon (Home of the Lord), an outreach to the urban poor of Metro Manila.  Click on each picture to get a larger view.

tnp1.jpg (65129 bytes)    tnp2.jpg (50472 bytes)  

Some comments from Tahanan members...

"Maraming salamat sa Panginoon sa lahat ng ligaya na ipinagkaloob mo sa aming noong nakaraan taon." (Thanks so much to the Lord for the joy you have given to us this past year) - Josefina Patasin

"Para sa inyo, maraming salamat sa magandang regalo na ipinagkaloob ninyo para sa amin." (For you, thank you very much for the beautiful gift that you gave us) - Lily

"Lucky are those who are generous!  God loves them.  Thank you very much.  God bless u always!" - Joel

"Thanks too much, for all the gifts we received from your heart.  God bless you."  - Permacio Family

Tahanan ng Panginoon is a non-profit tax exempt Christian ministry for the urban poor.  Visit their website at  

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Give-A-Book Project

Thank you to all the customers of Papemelroti who've donated books!  Thanks too to the North Sector singles of the Ligaya ng Panginoon Community for adopting the project.  Last June 18, 2002, we successfully donated 433 good books and 510 magazines to the library of Doņa Juana Elementary School in Quezon City.  Mrs. Zenaida San Diego, the school's principal was very happy to receive the books and stressed the need for these children to develop their reading skills and creativity through these books.  She thanks all of you in the school's behalf (and more importantly, thedonjuana.jpg (32873 bytes) children) for your support of the project.

As part of the project, last October 10, 2002 we gave the 860 textbooks to Payatas through Creative Image.  If you would like to contribute more books, contact Ariel or Mr. Urio at 5363182 or 5265456.  Read the whole story here.

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Animal Planet

Papemelroti participated in the search for "Animal Lover of the Year" and the winner was Tanya Yupangco of Quezon City.  This contest was organized by World Wildlife Fund



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