Personalized Mug Templates

#297-4  Personalized Mug

Give a well prepared gift that is precious & one of a kind!

Give us your picture via hardcopy or sent online and we will have your personalized mug ready after approximately 2 weeks. 

Only P280 (using our templates)

*Add P100 or more if you want us to change templates or have a new design.

To have a personalized mug, please send your choice of:

1. outer circle color text  click here for colorguide
2. inside border color     click here for colorguide
3. choice of design (below or send us your own image)
4. head photo in JPG or GIF image
5. text that goes around the image (if you want to change the font, click here)

*You can also make your very own design by submitting to us the JPG or GIF image with or without our borders.  It has to be in a perfect circle and not pixellated.  Send to Other designs are also available here.

Designs for Head Photo

working girl
PF-1 Working Girl
man with award
PF-2 Award Man (bottom portion will be cropped out)
man with award
PF-3 Business Woman
man waving
PF-4 Waving Man
PF-5 Girl (bottom portion will be cropped out)
PF-6 Love

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