Do you know that insects make up more than half of the animal kingdom? The Philippines has close to a 1000 kinds and some 360 of these kinds are found nowhere else in the world.

Butterflies are not only important pollinators but are also environmental indicators of a healthy environment. Their absence can indicate that the air we breathe is polluted.

They are also part of the food chain. Many other animals, like birds, feed on their larvae to survive. Most if not all, are threatened due to the loss of their habitat.  The destruction, especially of the lower vegetation in our forest areas should stop.

Here is how you can help:

  • Keep them free! Don't ever catch wildlife. They are an important
    part of the ecosystem and their survival is ultimately ours as we are all connected in the web of life! Instead, catch their image on your
    camera and not with a net.  Appreciate their beauty without killing them!
  • Give them a home by planting flowering plants that are rich in nectar! Observe their habits. By watching, you learn!
  • Avoid pesticides and fertilizers which will harm more than
    help! Instead, make your own compost from kitchen
    and garden waste. See how online at
  • Never over graze or burn grasslands - this is the most harmful
    since the undergrowth is home to millions of wildlife that
    provides food for the rest of the food chain (remember that
    humans are a part of that!).  More than half of the living things in the forest thrive in the grasslands!
  • Native is best!  Propagate Philippine plants because the local wildlife depend on local plants for food. Most exotic plants are purely ornamental and can sometimes eat away at others and reproduce faster killing the biodiversity and uniqueness of our plant life (for example, the Lantana).
  • Promote habitat conservation!  Lobby to reforest denuded areas and protect what is remaining by writing the newspapers, joining environment clubs & volunteering for conservation efforts.
  • Join clubs like the Philippine Habitat Conservation Society or Butterfly Gardening Club or Butterfly Watching Club and enjoy seeing more butterflies in our part of the world!
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