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We hope you will like our selection of earth-friendly paper products
with a wide selection of original Papemelroti designs -
all made from recycled paper.

*Click here to find out why we use recycled paper.

Art Prints
Sunrise Reflections Series By Patricia Alejandro

Big Bookmarks
Full Color Big Bookmarks


Decorative /Hanging Products
Colored Posters

Doorknob Hangers

Books and Activity Packs
Theme Books

Assorted Activity/ Prayer Packs
Blank Booklets

School and Office Supplies

Small Notebooks
Small Colored Notebooks

Journal Notebooks
Spiral Notebooks
CD Holder

Planners & Calendars

Address Books

Greeting Cards and Invitations
Giant Greeting Cards
All Occasion Greeting Cards
Blank Greeting Cards
Gift Cards and Calling Cards
All Occasion Invitations


Crafts and Scrapbooking
Handmade Paper Making Kit

Scrapbook Materials
Craft Cuts

Paper Mache Masks

Stationery and Memo Pads
Stationery Pads

Square Memo Pads
Jute Strung Writing Pads
Half Pads

Pencil Pads
Seed Packets


Wrappers and Packaging
Kraft Paper Bags

Gift Wrappers



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