father mother greeting card 

Family Greeting Cards


Mother Giant Card
#9020-46R  We Love You Super Mom Giant Greeting Card
Inside:  Blank 
Mother Giant Card
#9020-45R World's Greatest Mother Giant Greeting Card
Inside:  Blank 
Mother Giant Card
#9020-44R  Love You Nanay Giant Greeting Card
Inside:  Blank 
To My Parents Giant Card
#9020-18  To the Most Wonderful Parents Giant Greeting Card
Inside: At all times my heart in gratitude lifts when I think of you both, His precious gifts...
Father Giant Card
#9020-40R We Love You Giant Greeting Card
Inside:  Blank 
Father Dad Giant Card
#9020-41R  World's Greatest Father Award Giant Greeting Card
Inside:  Blank 
Father Giant Card
#9020-42R Best Daddy in the World Giant Greeting Card
Inside:  Blank 

#9020  Giant Greeting Cards

Express yourself in a big way!

Size 11 x 8.5 inches (folded), made of 100% recycled paper

39.00 php
$1.15 each

Quantity: Check out now

fathers day greeting card recycled paper
#9010-378R  World's Greatest Mother Heart Floral Greeting Card 
Inside:  Blank 
fathers day greeting card recycled paper
#9010-277R   Everything I Am Greeting Card
Inside:  Blank 
fathers day greeting card recycled paper
#9010-373R   World's Greatest Father Award Greeting Card
Inside:  Blank 
family relatives greeting card recycled paper
 #9010-323 Families are Forever Greeting Car 
Inside: A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
fathers day greeting card recycled paper
#9010-313 A father is like a lighthouse standing still ... Greeting Card 
Inside: You're a father like no other!
mothers card
#9010-376R   Love You Nanay Greeting Card 
Inside:  Blank 

mothers day card

#9010-309 Mother You're the best!  Greeting Card 
Inside:  My dearest Mother you're the best!  And I am very very blessed to have a Mother just like you, so all my thanks I give to you!

mother greeting card philippines

#9010-375R We love you!  Greeting Card 
Inside:  Blank 

fathers day card

#9010-269 You are the World's Best Father Greeting Card 
Inside: You are a father like no other and I am so blessed that you're mine!  I love you!

mother gifts philippines

#9010-246 Mother Mommy Greeting Card 
Inside: You're so special to me and I thank God for the wonderful blessing that you are to me.  I love you!

parents greeting card

#9010-292 You're a Father like no other!  Greeting Card 
Inside: If all the fathers in the world held out their hand in friendship, yours is the  one I'd hold.

father greeting card

#9010-281A FATHER You're the Best!  Greeting Card 
Inside: With love and thanks on this special day, and wishes for blessings to come your way.

Greeting Cards

Size 5.5 x 4.25 inches
Made of 100% recycled paper
15.00 ph
$0.45 each

Quantity:   Design: Check out now


blessed mother greeting card
#7173-39 Blessed Mother Square Greeting Card  
Inside: blank

#7173 Square Greeting Cards
Size 5.5" x 5.5", made of 100% recycled paper
20.00 php
$0.60 each

Quantity:   Design: Check out now



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