Power of the Pen: SAMPLE LETTER (campaign against porn proliferation)
Fill up the information needed &/or modify to your purpose for a more effective campaign.



(Recipient/Company's Name)


Dear Sir:


I have been a patron of your bookshop from (years yyyy-yyyy).  Recently, I have noticed that you have an increased supply of (X Brand of Magazine) and (X Book Title/s) on display in very prominent areas.  I am dismayed that you are promoting these (magazines/ books).  I strongly believe that reading materials, specially those with x-rated visual content have a powerful influence among readers.  In fact, studies have shown a higher incidence of crime when exposed to such materials. 

Please stop selling these (magazines/books).   They have no place in a decent bookstore which has a varied clientele, including young children.  Hopefully, your bookstore can be more "child-friendly", a haven for children and their parents to explore the joy of reading and not a place where they will be exposed to these pornographic materials. 

I understand that you sell these materials for profit and that you will lose some profit if you stop selling them.  However, I believe you have many customers like me who are offended by these materials.  Your profit may not come as a monetary benefit but will surely come in different forms such as a better society and environment for all. 

I will be waiting for your response.  Thank you.


Yours truly,

(your name)