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Make your gift extra special!  Put a name on it!  Personalize your things!

Use your creativity and mix and match our cutouts to decorate so many products!  There are countless ways to use our letter cutouts and blocks. 

We also have a lot of other designs like flowers, people, things, symbols and so much more!

How to do it?

Just choose from our many items and come back to this page to add the type of letters you want.  Fill up the inquiry form online so we can process your order/ inquiry.

See our boxes or scrapbooks.

small letters philippines crafts

#504-1-1    Alphabet Letters 

These letters can make almost anything 100% more giveable because you can form the names of the recipient.  There are so many things you can make of these letters.

For example you can put a magnet in the back and form the name of your friend on the fridge.  You can attach this to a plaque to personalize!

Size 4 inches, height per letter

P39 / $1.15 each

Quantity: Check out now

#100-3  String Along Alphabet

Handy tie-together letters are perfect for a special personalized craft project.  Just loop in some string and you've got a word on a string to hang and decorate different items aside from scrapbooks like picture frames, bags, doorknobs, boxes, books, even bracelets etc.  Made of durable resin. 

*Twine costs P2 / $1  

Square Letters are P8 / $0.25 each

Quantity: Letter/s:
Check out now

#148-29 Letter Blocks

Personalize our products or figurines with these classic type letters!  Just use white glue or glue gun is fastest for your craft making.  Made of durable resin.

Height of letters 3/4", 5g each.

P10  / $0.30 each

Quantity: Letter/s: Check out now

See our Angel Product (sample image at right) with these letter blocks

Rubber Letter Alphabet

Decorate your bulletin board, mirror, photo albums and so much more with these letters!  These letters come in red, black, white, yellow and blue.  Available in capital and lower case letters.  Made of lightweight flexible rubber.

#251-55 Capital letters, Size 7/8" high, 3g each.
#251-60 Lower case letters, the letter "a" is 5/8" high, 3g. 

P4 / $0.15 each

Quantity: Letter/s: Check out now

#251-559  Felty Paper Alphabet

Colorful, flat and fun letters for scrapbook projects. 

P6 / $0.18 each

Quantity:  Letter/s: Check out now

felt letters

#347-2 Fancy Felt Letters

Perfect for your personally put together baby scrapbook.  Collectible designs.  Each is individually handmade with care.   

view the letter A

view the letter K (Size 3.75" x 2.25")

view the letter N

view the letter Y (Size 2.75" x 2 3/8")

P49 / $1.40 each

Quantity:   Letter/s: Check out now

*Please ask us about other letters.



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