The papemelroti Guide to Scrapbooking

What is Scrapbooking?

Ever-growing in popularity today is the hobby of Scrapbooking.  It has already elevated to another form of art as it allows the creative expression of the maker and makes use of different techniques in its completion.  From simple to elaborate styles and designs, one can choose to develop his own method for making it.

A scrapbook is basically a collection of photographs kept for posterity.  The creator chooses how to present the photographs to enhance the memories.  Sometimes it is decorated withscrapbook philippines memorabilia.  For example, pictures from a concert would have the tickets mounted alongside it or even flyers about the event.  Aside from giving enjoyment to the scrapbook-maker, it oftentimes gives pleasure to others by telling the story of the pictures more fully, even without a narrative.

tips free crafts philippinesStarting on a Scrapbook

Scrapbooking can be very rewarding!  It may seem like a daunting task to be able to create masterfully crafted albums but really the hardest part of the job is starting on it!  Sometimes we just need to set aside time to do it and you'll see that once you start, it will come easily and you will find it hard to tear yourself away from the project!

Before starting, you want to have everything you need within your reach so that you're less likely to stop and lose interest.  Gather all the materials you need and find yourself a suitable working area - one that has the proper lighting, a good flat area to work on as well as comfortable seat.

Ideally, all the pictures you will work on should be with you, labelled with the dates and other details so you don't have to stop and look for the information from all over (this can be very tiring and will interrupt the flow of your work). 



(the more you have of these to use, the better):

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free crafts
Glue / glue gun
Memorabilia (tickets, letters, notes, flyer, locks of hair, etc.)
Cloth scrap
Dried leaves, pressed flowers
Art paper
Colorful magazine pages
Pens, crayons, colored pens
Paints, paintbrush
Rubber stamps
Papemelroti Craft Cuts
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General Instructions:

  1. Gather all the materials together in your work area.

  2. Group all the pictures that you want in one page and group them together.  Bunch all the pictures so that each bunch goes to one page.

  3. Lay them out on the pages without any decoration.

  4. Choose from your decorative materials which is the most appropriate for the theme of the photos.

  5. Lay the decorations with the photos.

  6. You may also cut out portions of some photos which are too large and make them irregularly shaped.

  7. With your final layouts, paste everything on, making sure you don't use too little paste or else it won't stick on the paper too long.  On the other hand, don't use too much paste as it will make the paper crinkle and may also destroy some of your art crafts



The skills you develop for scrapbooking can also be used for other products that you can match to your scrapbooks and even use for home decorating.

Take a look at other items you can use our Craft Cut products with.  You can decorate a kraft paper bag, books, table napkins and many other fun stuff for personal use or as gifts!  Click on the products below to see a larger view. 

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